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  excited   dancing   mode mixture   crowd   arriving   ostinato   bluesy   room   car   leading man   ethereal   13th chord   upbeat   shadow   Carnegie Hall   parallelism   Gershwinesque   locker room   on-screen music   listening   9th chord   driving   resolution   conversing   source music   playing   AABA structure   boxing ring   gun   dissonant bass   diminution   applause   audience   kiss   dancer   romantic   11th chord   street   concert hall   composer   self-borrowing   manager   common-tone diminished 7th   foreign key modulation   skyline   old man   tedious   countermelody   added-note chord   tango   musician   chromatic parallelism   gentle   direct modulation   orchestra   crying   criminal   police   headline   love   parallel double period   ominous   The End   gangster   dock   chromatic scale   sentimental   whole-tone chord   describing   tense   leading lady   fragmentation   singer   rhumba   altered dominant   mickey-mousing   boxer   soliloquy   folk music   suspension   poster   bridge   chromatic sequence   victim   announcer   bold   source and scoring overlap   train   newspaper   conductor   dance band   triumphant   murdering   hurried   popular music   snake effect   conducting   combination of themes   walking   transcribed by ear   city   plagal cadence   brother   clapping   flirting   punching   dramatic   composing   concert   cheerful   Dutch angle   half-diminished 7th chord   double exposure   parallel fifths   boat   murderer   party   64 chord   celebrating   diminished 7th chord   equal division of octave   watching   newspaper stand   cast list   augmented triad   tritone oscillation   singing   shaving   arguing   slapping   pc set   blue note   kissing   appoggiatura   piano   mother   enharmonic respelling   sequence   contrasting double period   chromatic mediant   cut from film   pleasant   traveling   uneasy   polyrhythm   murder   worker   alternate music   announcing   dance hall   playful   phrase extension   syncopation   linear chromaticism   zoom in   reading   common-chord modulation   busy   smiling   exciting   Mixolydian mode   award   chord substitution   slumping   into focus   street organ   shimmery   neon light   leaving   radio   disposing   common-tone dominant 7th   calling   source to score   shooting   threatening   tone cluster   bolero   WB shield   trill   pentatonic   club   score to source   ABAC structure   pump-up modulation   tender   march   dressing room   friend   oscillation   enharmonic modulation   rushing   telephone   octatonic   descending   presenting   corpse   boxing   hopeful   deceptive resolution   falling   fanfare   entering   stage   title of film   augmented sixth chord   dropping   marquee   child   sweet   preparing   working   dark   record player   foxtrot   throwing   comical   reunion   common-tone modulation   somber   love interest   point-of-view shot   ragtime   pedal tone   panning shot   major 7th chord   embracing   zoom out   jazz   delicate   calm   name of film   Neapolitan   kicking   grand   chromatic wedge   sus chord   waltz   dominant 7th chord   reuniting   mysterious   dying   polychord   teasing   squinting   blur   starring list   gunshot   sneaking   amusement park   optimistic   pushing   stinger   tritone   underscoring   establish place   closing credits   whole-tone   swinging   explaining   blaring   begging   running   thief   comforting   acceleration   organ grinder   not by Steiner   taxi