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  priest   somber   hostage   marching   police   underscoring   shooting   headline   fingerprints   bold   half-diminished 7th chord   building   street   sneaking   popular music   chromatic wedge   ascending   agitated   hopeful   dramatic   pool hall   dropping   climbing   sigh gesture   altered dominant   classical music   pedal tone   conversing   escaping   dissonant bass   running   newspaper editor   parallelism   fleeing   on-screen music   arriving   common-tone diminished 7th   tender   chasing   cheerful   execution   dying   throwing   grabbing   gangster   source music   newspaper   9th chord   leading man   sneaky   gun   walking   whole-tone chord   pleading   execution chamber   tense   drinking   love interest   stairs   following   leading lady   backing up   down   teenager   diminished 7th chord   newspaper office   chromatic mediant   up   zooming   ladder   death   pouring   shop   prisoner   mickey-mousing   chromatic scale   frantic   falling   romantic   chromatic parallelism   smoke   hoping   tone cluster   sequence   prison   jumping   hurrying   foxtrot   capturing   fighting   sacred   tear gas   main title   montage   writing   zoom out   stairwell   major 7th chord   octatonic   foreign key modulation   gambling   gunshot   dark   quartal chord   agent   window   room   concerned   mode mixture   cut from film   rising   wedge   singing   source to score   menacing   dock   common-chord modulation   42 chord   religious   cowardice   redemption   casino   circle of fifths   polychord   diminution   mysterious   car   arguing   boat   evading   added-note chord   Irish   crowd   friendship   chromatic sequence   secondary dominant   pool   double exposure   solemn   laughing   playing   serious   entering   punching   The End   triumphant   reformatory   combination of themes   telephone   parallel fifths   sign   mourning   lawyer   spinning   heroic   club   angelic   accepting   hymn   money   ledger   gang   slowing   alcohol   appoggiatura   double-cross   ominous   begging   cook   rushing   cartoon   tritone   AABA structure   breathing   garage   breaking   stinger   dancing   closing credits   dreaming   radio   digging   commanding   tossing   parallel period   nun   driving   rooftop   transition   flyer   launching   taunting   betting   bomb   landing   octatonic scale   conducting   working   comical   attacking   assaulting   crying   dirge   closing   staggering   sentimental   linear chromaticism   pushing   playful   assigning   hiding   murderer   shadow   yelling   advancing   waiting   augmented triad   plagal cadence   64 chord   coughing   WB shield   whistling   voice-exchange   heartbroken   ragtime   charity   augmented sixth chord   starring list   reverse picardy   singer   title of film   door   reading   thinking   flying   deceptive resolution   descending   transcendence   setup   wailing   gentle   fanfare   dominant 7th chord   pc set   ABAC structure   looking   leaving   boys choir   hurried   fragmentation   stopping   explosion   night club   church   letter   yearning   mug shot   picardy third   establish place   memory   cast list   organ   chaos   close-up   parallel double period   Neapolitan   elevator