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  informer   chasing   room   investigating   turning   on-screen music   love   mysterious   love interest   private eye   leading lady   gun   clue   mickey-mousing   driving   suspenseful   leading man   half-diminished 7th chord   on-screen text   leaving   sinister   murder   deleted scene   cut from film   underscoring   walking   tense   conversing   diminished 7th chord   name on screen   water   arriving   outside   femme fatale   searching   death   butler   violent   phone   phone call   hallway   starring list   chromatic scale   dialing   murderer   source music   Neapolitan   heroic   punching   9th chord   stairs   victim   thinking   criminal   street   disguise   dramatic   lying   calm   daughter   antagonist   heavy   kissing   somber   shaking   bold   stinger   telephone   dying   upbeat   cast list   voice exchange   not in score   assassin   jumping   hostage   suspect   chromatic sequence   deceptive resolution   seductive   romantic   rain   calling   light   oscillation   club   fear   snapping   inserted scene   captive   reused recording   book shop   blackmail   danger   tender   secretary   hurrying   violence   pursuing   rope   driver   car   researching   burning   descending   chromatic mediant   library   silhouette   playing   evidence   dark   corpse   melancholy   whole-tone   transition   added-note chord   running   shooting   shop   hat   hurried   gunshot   bluesy   pain   ABA structure   secret code   slamming   dropping   arguing   plotting   turning on   writing   ominous   planning   doorbell   freeing   parallelism   breaking in   breaking   spinning   whole-tone chord   mourning   hiding   threatening   departing   poison   blackmailer   waiting   cafe   key   following   lifting   flirting   altered dominant   dazed   pleasant   combination of themes   tritone   impressionism   The End   recovering   comical   light switch   turning off   octatonic   common-tone dominant 7th   determined   helping   falling   resolved   angry   smoking   weary   disguising   entering   coin   rising   uneasy   playful   sneaking   tying up   mansion   escaping   biting   gambler   faucet   flowing   taxi   eavesdropping   gambling   hanging up   foreboding   threat   noble   gentle   accusing   chromatic parallelism   WB shield   singing   tripping   skidding   retardation   glass   musician   smoke   slapping   screaming   decisive   singer   pedal tone   ascending   triumphant   music reveals thoughts   fanfare   stumbling   neutral   closing   musical clue