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  tense   murder   underscoring   hero   running   walking   stinger   name on screen   mickey-mousing   smacking   poison   mysterious   handcuffs   celesta   library   heroine   haunting   villain   down   seductive   love   heroic   stopping   sneaking   thinking   cab driver   doorbell   hiding   main title   swinging   falling   up   source music   chasing   decisive   closing door   danger   dramatic   bold   main theme   femme fatale   code book   coin   traveling   searching   angry   action   on-screen music   driving   flirting   car   punching   fear   death   jumping   writing   impressionism   lying   disguise   butler   cab   glass   corpse   gunshot   transition   ominous   hurried   sinister   waiting   dark   curtain   screaming   dialing   dropping   telephone   comical   downstairs   lifting   hostage   kissing   violence   triumphant   stairs   romance   phone call   escaping   jig