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  leading man   fisherman   criminal   tense   violence   walking   underscoring   popular music   extortion   title of film   mode mixture   AABA structure   folk-like   stinger   conversing   double exposure   dark   morgue   mickey-mousing   room   worker   dock   dissonant bass   threatening   leading lady   beating   Latin music   chromatic mediant   sea   traveling   father   arriving   street   friend   arguing   dramatic   slapping   cheerful   sequence   ominous   musician   chef   cast list   attempted murder   mirror shot   transcribed by ear   foreign key modulation   pedal tone   boat   crowd   boyfriend   corpse   weapon   peaceful   rushing   restaurant   upbeat   point-of-view shot   car   packing   fear   perfect authentic cadence   punching   death   falling   score to source   source music   singing   playing   uneasy   ignoring   kissing   knocking   harbor   evaded cadence   reacting   departing   breaking   menacing   bartender   folk music   ethereal   dancing   gentle   fighting   drowning   gun   dancer   chromatic sequence   questioning   tender   grand   blue note   fragmentation   sandwich   police   smoking   chromatic scale   mother   WB shield   augmented sixth chord   fishing   enharmonic respelling   bold   helping   thinking   minor-major 7th chord   rushed   crying   fanfare   comical   watching   whispering   on-screen music   parallel double period   sneaking   bluesy   driving   sultry   deceptive resolution   somber   added-note chord   mocking   romantic   child   starring list   panning shot   The End   gambling   money   tango   store   fire   fish   club   yelling   solemn   shopping   ABAC structure   radio   boss   9th chord   emotional   transition   ringing   hugging   exotic   oscillation   embracing   reporter   source and scoring overlap   eating   running