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  corpse   taunting   confession   changing   brother   stinger   child   crying   leading lady   underscoring   husband   reacting   wife   secret   love interest   room   street   light   cut from film   conversing   driving   tense   telephone   blood   agitated   breaking up   slapping   walking   yard   thinking   dramatic   breakup   expressive   handprint   tragic   leading man   denying   dog   demanding   uneasy   razor blade   skewer   antagonist   dark   adulterer   kitchen   attempted suicide   upbeat   passionate   reveal   memory   ominous   scout   searching   revealing   source music   mysterious   anger   classical music   car   somber   fighting   knife   fidgeting   affair   ring   clothes   solemn   preparing   washing   complaining   struggling   screaming   suicide   running   bus   combination of themes   cast list   knocking   warning   photograph   death   recounting   arguing   hiding   excited   mickey-mousing   dying   ambulance   yelling   calm   mirror   Mexican   hand   departing   heavy   orchard   bathroom   jumping   entering   door   motor effect   radio   washing machine   cleaning effect   arriving   peaceful   standing   grabbing   window   ice cream truck   confessing   doorbell   playful   tossing   ethereal   sitting   valley   panning shot   rushing   audible thoughts   cleaning   convincing   falling   breaking   addicent   crazed   chasing   hopeful   forgiveness   kissing   zoom in   escaping   cheerful   calling   wandering   punching   serious   waltz   twitching   stopping   bugle call   laughing   descending   The End   committing suicide   investigating   doctor   cutting   blaming   helping   scored source music   neighbor   opening   popular music   waving   starring list   cooking   looking   title of film   dialing   house   sinking   turning   harsh   voice-over   apologizing   realizing   food