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Three Who Loved (1931)

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Theme name: My One Ambition is You
Composer: Harry Tierney
Start time: 0:14:21
End time: 0:17:03
Total duration: 0:02:42
Page #: no score available
Measure #: no score available
Scene: no score available
Key: D
Meter: 4/4
Tempo (bpm): 152
Instrumentation: dance band

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Description: Phil turns on the radio (using the dials) and we hear pleasant background music for the next scene (a love scene); the song is "My One Ambition is You" (from the movie Dixiana, which was one of the first films orchestrated by Steiner at RKO); first we hear the verse, then the chorus (played twice), then a piano interlude that leads to a more upbeat statement of the chorus featuring muted trumpets; near the end, the lead female character responds to the music, smiling and moving in time; soon after, two other characters begin dancing to the music in the other room
On-screen: Phil turns on the radio

AB structure | advance plot | cheerful | conversing | dancing | pleasant | radio | room | source music | upbeat