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FilmNameRoleCharacter TypesThemes
State’s Attorney (1932)John BarrymoreTom Cardiganleading man, lawyer[none]
State’s Attorney (1932)C. Henry GordonAttorney Greylawyer[none]
State’s Attorney (1932)Ralph InceDefense Attorneylawyer[none]
The Roadhouse Murder (1932)Frank SheridanDistrict Attorneylawyer[none]
The Roadhouse Murder (1932)Carl GerardDefense Attorneylawyer[none]
Penguin Pool Murder (1932)Robert ArmstrongBarry Costellolawyer, murderer, suspect[none]
Hat, Coat, and Glove (1934)Ricardo CortezRobert Mitchellleading man, lawyer[none]
Hat, Coat, and Glove (1934)Paul HarveyThe Prosecuting Attorneylawyer[none]
Star of Midnight (1935)William PowellClay 'Dal' Dalzellleading man, sleuth, suspect, lawyer[none]
Don’t Turn ‘em Loose (1936)Lewis StoneJohn Websterfather, lawyer[none]
Don’t Turn ‘em Loose (1936)Frank M. ThomasAttorney Piercelawyer[none]
Angels With Dirty Faces (1938)Humphrey BogartJames Frazierlawyer[none]
Dust Be My Destiny (1939)Moroni OlsenSlim Joneslawyer[none]
Each Dawn I Die (1939)Victor JoryGraycelawyer[none]
The Letter (1940)James StephensonHoward JoycelawyerLaw Office
The Letter (1940)Victor Sen YungOng Chi Senglawyer[none]
Out of the Fog (1941)Jerome CowanDistrict Attorneylawyer[none]
In This Our Life (1942)George BrentCraig Flemingleading man, husband, lawyer, fiancéeLove Theme
The Unfaithful (1947)Lew AyresLarry HannafordlawyerAttorney