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FilmNameRoleCharacter TypesThemes
Before Dawn (1933)Dudley DiggesHorace Merrickfather[none]
His Greatest Gamble (1934)Richard DixPhilip Edenleading man, murderer, fugitive, fatherMorning Glory Waltz
The Life of Vergie Winters (1934)Edward Van SloanJim Wintersfather[none]
Don’t Turn ‘em Loose (1936)Lewis StoneJohn Websterfather, lawyer[none]
Dust Be My Destiny (1939)Stanley RidgesCharlie Garrettantagonist, father, victimCharlie
We Are Not Alone (1939)Paul MuniDr. David Newcomeleading man, father, doctor, suspect, victimSurprise Symphony, Celebre Romance
Out of the Fog (1941)Thomas MitchellJonah Goodwintailor, victim, father, friend, fishermanFather and Daughter
In This Our Life (1942)Frank CravenAsa TimberlakefatherAsa
The Big Sleep (1946)Charles WaldronGeneral Sternwoodfather, old man[none]
Deep Valley (1947)Henry HullCliff Saulfather
Key Largo (1948)Lionel BarrymoreJames Templebusinessman, father[none]
The Woman in White (1948)Gig YoungWalter Hartrightleading man, hero, painter, husband, fatherThe Carman's Whistle, The Self Banished
The Woman in White (1948)John AbbottFrederick FairliefatherFairlie
I Was a Communist for the FBI (1951)Frank LovejoyMatt Cveticleading man, undercover agent, fatherUndercover Agent, Family
Lightning Strikes Twice (1951)Frank ConroyJ.D. Nolanowner, father[none]
Hell on Frisco Bay (1955)William DemarestDan Biancofather[none]