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We Are Not Alone (1939)

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Theme name: Surprise Symphony
Variant name: Foreboding
Start time: 0:00:09
End time: 0:00:18
Total duration: 0:00:09
Page #: 1
Measure #: 4
Scene: Main Title
Key: bb
Meter: 12/8
Tempo (bpm): 56
Marking: Slow
Instrumentation: orchestra

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Description: Dark unison brass statement that slowly arpeggiates a minor triad; this is a variant on the Surprise Symphony theme (associated throughout the film with David), but it is barely recognizable here; it is only in retrospect that one might realize that this is David's theme, since in the first part of the film his theme is normally bright and cheerful; this dark variant on the Surprise Symphony idea foreshadows later, darker parts of the film
On-screen: Main title
Music annotations: [m. 4] sffz / poco dim; [m. 5] expressivo / molto cresc; [m. 6] dim / listesso
Film annotations: [m. 4] Main title; [m. 5] Leaf turns
Orchestration annotations: [m. 4] W.W., str shakes / (bells up) / horns + baritone (soli) / stand up / and 1st pt trombone / 3 trbs / timp / T.C. (bass); [m. 5] T.C.; [m. 6] (still all the str) + W.W. / harp
Analysis: Uses only the first part of the theme (motive X), in the minor mode

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