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Release date: June 12, 1931
Studio: RKO
Runtime: 70 minutes
IMDB genres: drama

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Elsie sets out for a holiday in Paris and develops an affair while her husband spends a year working in India.

Plot keywords (from IMDb): bachelor, blackmail, brother sister relationship, confession, england, female protagonist, fraud, gunfire, infidelity, marriage, mining engineer, murder, nobility, paris france, party, peasant, repentance, revenge, seduction, servant, spain, spinster, tango, letter

Cast and Crew

Kay FrancisElsie Maury
Paul CavanaghRobert Maury
Ricardo CortezDon Arturo de Borgus
Nance O'NeilHonora
Doris LloydPaula Vrain
John St. PolisSerafin
Ruth WestonViscountess
Adrienne D'AmbricourtJulie

Herbert Brenon: director

Max Steiner: composer

Film Statistics

Film duration: 1:09:33
Music duration: 00:10:18
Pages in score: no score available
Total themes: 9
Themes with variants: 2
Total variants: 2
Total gestures: 0
Total underscoring sections: 0
Total underscoring duration: 00:00:00
Total instances: 11


Name Uses Variants
Main Title 2 1
Serenade 1 0
There's a Sob In My Heart 1 1
Waltz 1 0

Other films borrowed from:

Traveling Husbands (1931)

Source Music

Name Uses
Igualada 2
Dance 1
Flute Solo 1
Gong 1
RKO Tower 1