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Title: Traveling Husbands [IMDb]

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Release date: August 07, 1931
Studio: RKO
Runtime: 73 minutes
IMDB genres: comedy, crime

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Cast and Crew

Evelyn BrentRuby Smith
Frank AlbertsonBarry Greene
Constance CummingsEllen Wilson
Hugh HerbertHymie Schwartz

Paul Sloane: director

Max Steiner: composer

Max Steiner: musical director

Film Statistics

Film duration: 1:13:59
Music duration: 00:22:58
Pages in score: no score available
Total themes: 10
Themes with variants: 1
Total variants: 11
Total gestures: 0
Total underscoring sections: 0
Total underscoring duration: 00:00:00
Total instances: 22


Name Uses Variants
There's a Sob in My Heart 13 11

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Transgression (1931)

Source Music

Name Uses
Bicycle Built for Two 1
Chimes 1
Chimes 2 1
Dance 1
Hello Beautiful 1
Millie 1
Ring Around the Rosy 1
Sidewalks of New York 1
Someone 1