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Film Music Structure for Key Largo

Number Scene Type Time Theme Variant Gesture On-screen
1 0:00:00 Signature Warner Brothers shield
2 transition 0:00:08 Transition Starring list
3 0:00:15 Key Largo A Main title
4 0:00:30 Rocco Cast list
5 0:00:44 Key Largo B Cast list
6 0:00:59 Key Largo A Cast list
7 0:01:07 The Keys Scrolling text setting the scene for the island Key Largo
8 0:01:26 The Bus Bus is pulled over
9 0:01:42 Bus Stops Bus stops and policemen enter to speak to the driver and passengers
10 0:02:21 The Bus Starting Up Bus pulls back onto the road
11 0:02:25 Traveling Bus drives on
12 0:02:40 Largo Hotel Frank arrives at and enters the Largo hotel
13 0:04:21 I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues Frank speaks with folks in the bar
14 0:11:00 Largo Hotel Misterioso Frank and Nora talk in the hotel
15 0:11:41 McCloud Nora talks to Frank about her husband who died in the war
16 0:12:07 McCloud Misterioso Nora walks downstairs as Curly Hoff menacingly steps out of a room
17 transition 0:13:51 Somber Prelude Nora and Frank walk into a room to meet with her father
18 0:14:28 McCloud Noble Nora, Frank, and her father speak about George in the war
19 0:14:56 McCloud Remembrance Nora, Frank, and her father speak about George in the war
20 0:15:36 McCloud Expressivo Nora, Frank, and her father speak about George in the war
21 0:16:11 Burial Place Nora, Frank, and her father speak about George in the war
22 0:16:31 McCloud Bugle Call Nora, Frank, and her father speak about George in the war
23 0:17:00 McCloud Broad Nora and Frank go outside
24 0:17:32 Nora Nora and Frank walk to the boat
25 0:18:21 Wind Frank helps prepare for the storm
26 0:18:32 Tosses rope Frank tosses the rope to Nora
27 0:18:40 Nora Con Moto Nora smiles at Frank
28 0:19:11 Seminoles Seminole Indians come to the dock on boats
29 0:19:46 Seminoles Grandma Elderly Indian lady steps out of the boat and talks to Nora
30 0:20:29 Seminoles Brothers Nora talks with Seminole Indians
31 0:21:22 McCloud Nora and Frank talk about her background
32 0:25:37 Rocco 3 Curly pushes Nora and pulls out a gun
33 0:25:46 Rocco Tense Rocco gets out of the bath and dries off
34 0:26:13 Rocco Uneasy Curly comes up to talk to Rocco about Nora and McCloud
35 0:26:48 Tension 1 Rocco slaps bleeding man
36 0:28:45 Rocco 3 Cop starts moaning in the other room
37 0:28:58 Tension 1 Cop stands up and enters the room
38 0:29:04 Rocco Heavily Cop tells Rocco that he won't get away with what he has done
39 0:29:15 Rocco 3 Agitato Gangster trips cop and he falls to the ground
40 0:32:57 McCloud Tritone McCloud quotes FDR's state of the union address
41 0:33:07 Mr. Temple Attacks Mr. Temple rises to attack Rocco and falls
42 0:33:38 Mr. Temple Falls Mr. Temple falls to the ground
43 0:33:43 Nora Attacks Nora rises to attack Rocco and he forcibly kisses her
44 0:33:53 Rocco 2 Rocco talks to Nora and calls her a wildcat then Rocco gets interrupted and leaves the room
45 0:34:12 McCloud Tragic McCloud and Nora help Mr. Temple up to sit in his chair
46 0:39:45 Rocco Whispers Rocco whispers something disturbing to Nora
47 0:40:15 Nora Spits Nora spits in Rocco's face and Rocco gets angry
48 0:40:25 McCloud Tense McCloud walks over to move Nora away from Rocco
49 0:40:32 Rocco 3 Angry Rocco's emotions rise as he decides what ot do about Nora and Mr. Temple mocks him
50 0:46:26 Look of Horror 1 Look of horror on Gaye's face
51 0:46:30 Underscoring (Dramatic) Rocco tells McCloud him to shoot him
52 0:46:39 Rocco 3 Shrill Rocco mocks McCloud and tells him to shoot him
53 0:46:44 Tension 2 The cop interrupts the conversation by yelling at McCloud to shoot Rocco
54 0:46:48 Rocco Tension Cut to Rocco's grinning face
55 0:46:53 Rocco 3 Laughing Gangsters laugh at McCloud
56 0:47:06 McCloud tosses gun McCloud tosses the gun onto a chair
57 0:47:08 Rocco 3 Mr Temple Mr. Temple asks for the gun
58 0:47:23 McCloud Grim Rocco calls McCloud a war hero
59 0:47:31 Deputy runs to gun Deputy runs for the gun
60 0:47:39 Look of Horror 2 Gaye looks terrified as Deputy Sawyer points the gun at Rocco
61 0:47:42 Rocco Conflict Deputy Sawyer points gun at Rocco and moves towards the door to escape
62 0:48:10 Underscoring (Dramatic) Rocco shoots Deputy Sawyer twice
63 0:48:17 Look of Horror 3 Gaye screams
64 0:48:19 Sawyer falls and dies Deputy Sawyer falls dead off-screen
65 0:51:32 Lights Dim Lights begin to go out in the hotel
66 0:52:06 Gaye Gaye walks down the stairs to get a drink
67 0:52:16 Gaye Pours a Drink Gaye's hands shake as she pours herself a drink
68 0:52:29 Alcohol Denial Rocco tells Gaye that she can't drink any more
69 0:52:37 Helping Hand McCloud and Nora help Mr. Temple get down the stairs and sit in his wheelchair
70 0:52:59 Rocco 2 Menacing Rocco stares at McCloud and Nora
71 0:56:55 Moanin' Low Gaye sings "Moanin' Low"
72 0:58:38 Moanin' Low McCloud gives Gaye a drink
73 0:59:24 Moanin' Low Tragic Gaye takes a drink
74 0:59:37 Moanin' Low Underscoring People exchange glances and McCloud sits
75 1:02:01 Rocco Pacing Rocco paces back and forth
76 1:02:41 Rocco 3 Nervous Rocco asks his crew to say something
77 1:06:07 Storm Tree crashes through window
78 1:06:28 Tree falls Stormy weather outside
79 1:06:41 Shelter in the Storm Storm continues outside
80 1:07:15 Storm Subsides Storm starts to die down
81 1:07:31 McCloud Dolce McCloud caresses Nora's head and wakes her up as the storm subsides; Mr. Temples offers that McCloud can become a part of their family
82 1:08:53 Rocco Agitato Gangsters see that their boat is missing
83 1:13:37 Rocco 2 Misterioso Sheriff leaves and speaks with Rocco no the way out
84 1:13:51 Sheriff Leaves Rocco waits for the sheriff to leave
85 1:14:20 Rocco 2 Dismal Sheriff discovers the dead body
86 1:14:48 Sheriff's Discovery Sheriff finds out that it is Sawyer
87 1:15:03 Rocco Uneasy Rocco deceives the sheriff into thinking the Indians murdered Sawyer
88 1:15:32 Sheriff Runs Sheriff runs to talk to the Indians
89 1:15:37 Underscoring (Tense) Sheriff approaches Indians, looking for two men
90 1:15:43 Rocco 2 Escaping Two Indians run and sheriff shoots at them
91 1:16:54 Underscoring (Tense) Close-ups on McCloud and Rocco
92 1:17:07 Rocco 3 Sheriff questions Rocco and Curly
93 1:17:09 Rocco Underscoring Sheriff questions Rocco and Curly
94 1:17:30 Rocco 3 Underscoring Sheriff questions Rocco and Curly
95 1:17:32 Rocco Sheriff questions Rocco and Curly
96 1:17:43 McCloud Sheriff Sheriff questions McCloud
97 1:17:52 Rocco 3 Sheriff questions gangster
98 1:18:34 Rocco 2 Watching Rocco watches the policemen take Sawyer's body
99 1:18:47 Underscoring (Tense) They all walk to another room
100 1:19:02 Rocco Uneasy Rocco welcomes other gangsters into the hotel
101 1:20:19 Underscoring (Tense) Rocco speaks with Ziggy
102 1:20:36 Rocco 2 Man examines the counterfeit money
103 1:20:45 Rocco 3 Counterfeit Money Man examines the counterfeit money
104 1:21:28 Rocco Uneasy Gangsters handle the counterfeit money
105 1:24:03 Rocco 3 Rocco gives Mr. Temple money to take care of expenses
106 1:24:08 Rocco Whispers Misterioso Rocco whispers in Nora's ear
107 1:24:14 McCloud Minor McCloud and Nora exchange glances
108 1:24:21 Gangsters Walk Gangsters go down the stairs
109 1:24:28 Rocco Packing Up Gangsters pack up their things
110 1:24:37 Underscoring (Mysterious) Gaye watches Rocco as he prepares the clip in his gun
111 1:25:01 Moanin' Low Desperate Gaye pleads for Rocco to take her along and secretly takes his gun
112 1:25:21 Underscoring (Tense) Gaye hands Rocco's gun to McCloud
113 1:25:33 Rocco Leaving Gangsters leave the hotel with McCloud
114 1:25:49 Rocco Uneasy Gangsters leave to board the boat
115 1:26:02 Walking Gangsters walk to the boat; Gaye asks why McCloud isn't running
116 1:26:10 Rocco Gangsters board the boat with McCloud
117 1:26:31 Starting the Boat McCloud tries to start the boat
118 1:27:32 Underscoring (Dramatic) The boat finally pulls away
119 1:27:42 Underscoring (Somber) Nora and Gaye enter the hotel
120 1:27:56 McCloud Remembrance Mr. Temple tries to make a phone call but the lines are dead
121 1:35:14 Rocco Is Shot McCloud shoots Rocco
122 1:35:31 McCloud Climbs Down McCloud climbs down from the top of the boat
123 1:35:44 Starting the Boat McCloud ties the boat's wheel to set a straight course
124 1:36:11 Hope 1 McCloud calls for help on the radio
125 1:38:30 Moanin' Low Triste Gaye leaves to identify Ziggy
126 1:38:40 Phone Nora picks up the phone
127 1:38:54 Hope 2 Nora speaks with McCloud on the phone
128 1:39:12 McCloud Tenderly Nora tells the group the good news
129 1:39:43 McCloud Maestoso McCloud steers the boat home
130 1:40:06 McCloud Grandioso The End