The Informer (1935)

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Film Music Structure for The Informer

Number Scene Type Time Theme Variant Gesture On-screen
1 opening title sequence 0:00:02 RKO Tower RKO radio tower
2 0:00:14 The Informer Shadows move across the screen behind the cast list
3 0:00:46 The Informer Bridge Shadows move across the screen behind the cast list
4 0:01:03 The Informer Dublin Title card establishes the setting in Dublin, Ireland
5 0:01:29 The Informer Judas Title card with quote about Judas
6 establish character 0:01:44 The Informer Walking Gypo walks down the street
7 0:02:01 Poster Gypo looks at the reward poster for Frankie McPhillip
8 0:02:15 Drinking Song Gypo and Frankie sing at a pub
9 0:02:23 Underscoring (Tense) Gypo stares at the poster, thinking
10 0:02:32 Rule, Britannia! Close-up on the 20 pound reward on the poster
11 0:02:47 Tearing down poster Gypo tears the reward poster off of the wall
12 0:02:54 The Rose of Tralee Man sings an Irish folk song by a lamp post
13 0:03:05 Poster blowing 1 Torn poster blows down the street onto Gypo's leg
14 0:03:26 Poster blowing 2 Torn poster blows down the street onto Gypo's leg again
15 0:04:22 Underscoring (Subtle) Close-up on Katie
16 0:04:31 Katie Katie walks down the street
17 0:05:03 Match strike Man strikes a match on the lamp post
18 0:05:04 Underscoring (Tense) Gypo sees the man and walks towards him
19 0:05:16 Blowing smoke Man blows smoke into Katie's face
20 0:05:31 Throwing man down Gypo picks the man up and throws him in the street
21 0:05:38 Katie Calls Gypo Katie says Gypo's name
22 0:05:49 Katie Tired and Sad Katie talks to Gypo
23 0:06:21 Yankee Doodle Octatonic Katie looks at the poster about a trip to America
24 0:06:58 Katie Hurt Katie is upset with Gypo and walks away upset
25 0:07:16 Footsteps Close-up on walking feet
26 0:07:32 The Wearin’ o’ the Green Frankie looks at reward poster with his picture on it
27 0:07:54 Running and hiding Frankie runs and hides in the shadows
28 NIF Running (Not in Film)
29 0:08:57 The Wearin’ o’ the Green Mysterious Frankie enters the Dunboy house to join the rebels
30 pivotal scene 0:12:56 Yankee Doodle Fateful Decision Gypo has a vision of the wanted poster
31 0:13:48 Katie Fateful Decision Gypo heads towards the British headquarters
32 0:18:55 Blood Money Extended British officer tosses money down on the table
33 advance plot 0:19:21 Blood Money Counting Money Gypo closes the door
34 0:19:29 Blind Man Gypo meets the blind man
35 0:20:27 Blood Money + Blind Man Gypo looks at Frankie's poster again
36 0:20:46 The Informer Whiskey Gypo enters a pub
37 0:21:03 Blood Money Whiskey Gypo takes his money out to pay the bartender
38 0:21:23 The Informer Drinking Gypo takes a drink
39 0:21:57 Blood Money Worrying Gypo worries about what he has done
40 0:22:38 Katie Triste Katie appears at the window
41 0:23:15 Blood Money Four Coins Bartender puts four coins on the table
42 0:23:40 The Informer Lying Gypo lies about where he got the money
43 0:24:45 Blind Man + Blood Money Blind man wanders in and Gypo gives him money
44 0:25:26 The Informer Bold Gypo storms off down the street
45 0:25:32 The Minstrel Boy Man sings a folk tune at the street corner
46 pivotal scene 0:28:43 Blood Money Delicato Gypo drops four coins on the floor
47 0:29:21 The Informer Tense Gypo defends himself
48 0:29:47 The Informer Suspicion Gypo leaves the wake
49 advance plot 0:30:13 The Informer Walking Fast Gypo storms off down the street
50 0:31:29 The Wearin’ o’ the Green Headquarters Irish rebel headquarters
51 0:31:44 Fanfare Irish rebel headquarters
52 0:32:03 The Informer + Blood Money Burning Poster Gypo in rebel headquarters
53 0:38:40 The Informer Accused Rebel accuses Gypo of being the informer
54 0:38:47 Mary Rebels talk about Frankie's sister Mary
55 0:39:05 Underscoring (Tense) Rebels talk about Gypo
56 0:39:25 The Wearin’ o’ the Green Bugle Call Rebels plan to watch Gypo
57 0:40:12 Drinking Song 2 Gypo sings a drunken song
58 0:43:45 The Irish Washerwoman People sing and dance in a pub
59 0:44:44 Blood Money Gypo tosses money to the pub-keeper
60 0:44:52 The Irish Washerwoman + Blood Money + The Wearin’ o’ the Green + The Informer Pub People celebrate in the pub
61 0:46:36 Katie Gypo is Drunk Gypo tells the rebel about "somebody waiting for me"
62 0:47:03 He Is Me Darling-O Gypo and another man sing drunkenly
63 0:47:58 Katie Poster Gypo looks at the America poster
64 0:48:58 Blood Money Thinking Gypo pulls out and counts his money
65 0:49:37 Katie Thinking Gypo looks at the money and the poster
66 0:49:55 Here Comes the Bride Dream sequence of a voyage to America
67 0:50:19 My Man Gypo talks with his friend
68 0:52:34 Katie Mistaken Identity Gypo thinks he sees Katie, but it's someone else
69 0:53:41 Dardanella Gypo buys drinks at a party
70 0:55:32 Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms A woman prepares to sing a song at a party
71 love scene 0:55:53 Dan and Mary Dan and Mary talk alone
72 0:56:57 The Informer Dan Talking Dan and Mary talk about an informer
73 0:57:08 The Wearin’ o’ the Green Somber Dan and Mary talk about the rebel organization
74 0:57:34 The Informer Pedal Tone Dan and Mary talk about Gypo
75 0:57:42 The Wearin’ o’ the Green Fragment Dan and Mary talk about a rebel meeting
76 0:57:51 Dan and Mary Dolce Dan tells Mary: "I'll come back for you"
77 advance plot 0:58:23 Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms Singing continues (from the previous scene)
78 1:00:57 Blood Money Rebels see Gypo spending money
79 1:01:03 The Informer King Gypo Gypo's friend brags about him
80 1:01:27 The Informer Quiet! The rebels enter and start an argument
81 1:03:23 The Informer Drunk Gypo walks down the street drunk
82 1:03:45 The Informer Molto Agitato Katie worries for Gypo
83 1:03:51 The Wearin’ o’ the Green Fighting Gypo struggles with the rebels
84 1:04:10 Blood Money Ostinato The rebels overhear Gypo talking about the money
85 1:04:39 Katie Tragic Katie is left alone on the street
86 courtroom scene 1:05:08 Dan and Mary Descending Mary enters, looking for Dan
87 1:05:37 Peter Mulligan Peter Mulligan sits and holds a crucifix
88 1:05:48 The Wearin’ o’ the Green Rebel Jury Camera pans to show all of the faces of the rebel jury
89 1:06:10 Judges Camera pans to the faces of the judges
90 1:06:19 Falling down the stairs Gypo falls down the stairs
91 1:07:25 Peter Mulligan Mulligan cries
92 1:07:46 Dan and Mary Legato Gypo looks at Mary
93 1:08:01 Judges Maestoso Gypo looks at the judges
94 1:08:08 Blind Man Tribunal Gypo looks at the blind man
95 1:08:34 Underscoring (Tense) Gypo accuses Peter
96 1:08:57 Pleading Peter defends himself
97 1:09:04 The Informer Laughing Gypo laughs at Peter
98 1:15:13 Blood Money + Blind Man The Trial + The Trial The rebels ask Gypo where he got the money
99 1:15:36 Katie The Trial The rebels ask Gypo about Katie
100 1:15:40 Blood Money + The Informer The Trial + The Trial Dan asks "Who was the informer?"
101 1:16:00 The Informer Confession Gypo confesses and cries
102 1:16:18 Katie Despair Gypo confesses and cries
103 1:16:35 The Informer Tranquillo Gypo is taken away
104 advance plot 1:17:10 Blood Money Ostinato Gypo waits in his cell while the rebels draw straws
105 1:19:46 The Escape Gypo escapes and a chase ensues
106 1:20:12 The Informer Risoluto Rebels plan to catch Gypo
107 1:20:24 Underscoring (Dramatic) Rebels plan how to catch Gypo
108 transition 1:20:38 The Informer Gypo Hides Gypo sees British soldiers marching
109 1:21:15 The Informer Adagio Gypo imagines Frankie's poster
110 1:21:26 Gypo runs away Gypo runs and hides
111 1:21:35 The Informer Up the Stairs Gypo goes up the stairs
112 love scene 1:22:00 Blood Money Ostinato Gypo confesses to Katie
113 1:22:20 Katie Allegro Appassionato Gypo talks to Katie
114 1:22:36 By the fire Gypo rests by the fire
115 1:22:57 Katie Dolcissimo Gypo talks to Katie
116 1:23:36 Dan and Mary Adagio Dan and Mary talk
117 1:24:05 Dan and Mary Dan and Mary talk
118 1:24:14 Ireland Dan and Mary talk about the rebel movement
119 1:24:19 Dan and Mary In Love Dan and Mary talk about love
120 advance plot 1:24:42 Katie Begging Katie pleads for Gypo
121 1:25:13 Begging Katie pleads for Gypo
122 1:25:50 The Informer Begging Katie pleads for Gypo
123 1:25:53 Dan and Mary Begging Katie talks to Mary about loving Gypo
124 1:26:35 The Informer Sympathetic Katie tells Dan where Gypo is
125 1:26:41 Begging 2 Katie begs for Gypo's life
126 1:26:55 Katie Furioso Katie becomes desperate
127 climax 1:27:32 Blood Money Ostinato Rebels come to capture Gypo
128 1:28:25 The Escape The Fight Rebels shoot through the door
129 1:28:53 Blood Money Tuttissimo Gypo stumbles into a church
130 1:29:48 The Informer Pathetic Gypo stumbles toward Frankie's mother
131 1:30:27 Sancta Maria Frankie's mother forgives Gypo