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Film Music Structure for Illegal

Number Scene Type Time Theme Variant Gesture On-screen
1 0:00:00 Scott WB shield
2 0:00:08 Morning Point of view of a mysterious person opens a bedroom door and looks around a bedroom
3 0:00:25 Victim Woman (Gloria) brushes her hair then realizes a man is there who then shoots her
4 0:00:40 Scott Bold Policemen working in an office
5 0:00:54 Police Car Police car speeds out of the station; cast list
6 0:01:15 Scott Security Guard Police at the murder scene
7 0:01:21 Typewriter Typewriter filling out an APB for the suspected murderer
8 0:01:35 Fingerprints Man getting his fingerprints taken
9 0:01:48 Scott Arriving Mr. Scott and his crew get out of their car at the courthouse
10 0:02:19 Justice Mr. Scott and his crew ascend the steps to the courthouse
11 0:04:17 The Verdict Judge reads verdict and we see the accused's reaction
12 0:04:33 Restaurant Mr. Scott talks to reporters after the trial
13 0:05:57 Underscoring (Subtle) Mr. Scott talks to Ellen about the case
14 0:06:21 Ellen Vic and Ellen talk about the case and marriage
15 0:08:11 Stinger Man calls Vic on the phone
16 0:08:21 Police Car Allegro Vic speeds away in a police car to the hospital
17 0:09:27 Scott Phone Call Doctor says that man will die before morning
18 0:09:49 Operator Operator connects the call
19 execution 0:09:54 Funeral Clary marches to his execution
20 0:10:22 Underscoring (Dark) Vic tries to stop the execution
21 0:10:53 Scott Dark Vic reacts to the news that Clary has been killed
22 0:11:10 Police Car Agitato Newspaper man reads the headline out and sells a paper to the reporter
23 0:15:20 Restaurant Giacoso Vic goes to the restaurant where he no longer has a reserved table
24 0:16:41 Scott People refuse Vic's legal services
25 0:17:04 Scott Rubato Vic talks to reporter at the bar
26 0:17:25 Drinking Vic talks to reporter at the bar
27 0:19:05 Ellen 2 Vic talks to Ellen
28 0:19:29 Ellen Tenderly Vic tells Ellen to marry Ray
29 0:20:03 Underscoring (Dark) Newspaper headline about Clary's mother
30 0:20:03 Grabs newspaper Man grabs the newpaper from Vic
31 0:20:38 Punches man Vic punches the man
32 0:24:10 Restaurant Ellen and Ray in the restaurant
33 0:24:41 Underscoring (Subtle) Ellen and Ray in the restaurant
34 0:25:06 Ellen Sentimental Ray proposes marriage to Ellen
35 0:28:04 Ellen Chromatic Ellen disingenuously tells Vic that she and Ray are getting married
36 0:28:26 Ellen Triste Ellen and Ray leave Vic in the courtroom
37 0:28:50 Scott Transition Scott working in his office
38 0:33:22 Embezzler Vic decides to help the embezzler
39 0:37:03 Frank Garland Vic mentions Frank Garland's name
40 0:37:24 Scott Blackmail Man leaves office
41 0:37:48 Scott Chromatic Vic tells embezzler to leave town
42 0:38:24 Ellen Giocoso Vic says he has the money for a wedding present for Ellen
43 0:38:36 Police Car Con Moto Vic walks towards the courthouse
44 0:38:47 Scott Slow Vic enters his old office
45 0:41:59 Frank Garland Ominous Vic talks to tough guy in lobby
46 0:42:19 Menace Vic sees Andy's gun
47 0:42:31 Underscoring (Tense) Vic rides up the elevator to Garland's office
48 0:42:41 I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues Vic goes into Garland's office, where woman is playing the piano
49 0:45:46 Scott Forceful Vic refuses Garland's deal
50 0:46:09 The Bus Man runs to catch bus and is shot
51 0:46:33 Frank Garland Maestoso Crowd runs to help shot man and murderer smiles and walks away with hidden gun
52 0:50:37 Scott Triumph Judge calls for a recess and Vic packs up his things
53 0:50:45 Underscoring (Subtle) Vic talks with Ellen
54 0:51:06 Ellen Worried Close up of Ellen's face after she talked to Vic
55 0:51:23 Police Car Walking Vic leaves the court room and talks to a reporter
56 0:52:15 In a Hurry Vic walks quickly through the streets with two men
57 0:53:06 Too Marvelous For Words Angel sings and plays the piano
58 0:57:22 Ellen Tragic Ellen confronts Vic about how he changed
59 0:57:58 Ellen B Ellen confronts Vic about how he changed
60 0:58:19 Ellen Very Slow Ellen confronts Vic about how he changed
61 0:58:26 Ellen Disturbed Ellen leaves Vic's office
62 0:58:36 The Detective Detective stands up to follow Ellen
63 1:02:18 Underscoring (Mysterious) Ray empties his bottle of scotch down the drain
64 1:03:04 Underscoring (Mysterious) Ray goes to the bedroom and calls Mr. Garland
65 1:04:09 Frank Garland Waiting Ray waits for a phone call
66 1:04:38 Startled Ray is startled by a noise and rushes to the door
67 1:04:47 Police Car Sleazy Ray waits for a phone call
68 1:05:00 Answering Phone Ellen hopefully answers the phone
69 1:07:17 Underscoring (Tense) Ray threatens Ellen
70 1:07:30 Underscoring (Dramatic) Ray and Ellen struggle at the window
71 1:07:35 Ellen Falls Ray pushes Ellen down
72 1:07:42 Ellen raises gun Ellen raises gun to defend herself
73 1:07:50 Ellen Dark Ellen in jail
74 1:10:23 Ellen Triste Ellen is overcome with emotion
75 1:11:26 Underscoring (Tense) Ellen is charged with murder
76 1:11:41 Ralph Ralph tells Vic to go
77 1:11:49 Ralph Fanfare Ralph gets on the phone
78 1:12:12 Scott Minor Vic walks in a dark parking lot
79 1:12:28 Frank Garland Ominous Vic talks with Andy
80 1:12:47 Menace Andy pulls gun on Vic and they walk
81 1:13:16 Underscoring (Mysterious) Vic talks to Frank in the back of his car
82 1:13:42 Scott Ominous Vic talks to Frank in the back of his car
83 1:14:04 Double Stinger Frank gives Vic a veiled threat
84 trial 1:17:33 Ellen Lonely Ellen and Vic talk during court recess
85 1:17:50 Underscoring (Dramatic) Vic and Hinkel gather together some papers
86 1:19:47 I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues Vic picks out a few notes on the piano
87 1:20:57 Frank Garland Ominous Frank threatens Vic
88 1:21:20 Menace Frank orders Andy to kill Vic
89 1:22:05 Frank Garland Sneaky Agents follow Vic who follows Andy
90 1:22:18 Police Car Chase Agents follow Vic who follows Andy
91 1:23:11 Police Car Scott Agents follow Vic who follows Andy
92 1:23:31 Frank Garland Dramatic Vic gets out of the car and crosses the street
93 1:23:40 Car spins around Andy tries to hit Vic with his car
94 1:23:46 Vic gets shot Andy shoots Vic
95 Underscoring (Dramatic)
96 1:23:57 Frank Garland Andy is shot Andy is shot, falls, and dies
97 1:26:17 Vic collapses Vic clutches his side and falls to the floor
98 1:26:30 Ellen The End The case is dimissed and there is a happy ending