Dust Be My Destiny (1939)

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Film Music Structure for Dust Be My Destiny

Number Scene Type Time Theme Variant Gesture On-screen
1 opening title sequence 0:00:00 Signature WB shield
2 0:00:09 Transition starring John Garfield
3 0:00:21 Dust Be My Destiny Opening A Main title
4 0:00:49 Dust Be My Destiny Opening B Cast list
5 0:01:04 Dust Be My Destiny Opening A2 Cast list
6 0:01:18 Dust Be My Destiny Opening B2 Cast list
7 establish location 0:01:35 Underscoring (Dark) Prison
8 advance plot 0:02:00 Mysterioso Warden tells Joe that he is being released
9 character development 0:02:29 Dust Be My Destiny Injustice Joe talks about not helping people out in the future since the last time he did he went to prison
10 establish location 0:10:10 Marching Inmates marching
11 establish character 0:10:58 Charlie New warden (Charlie) talks to inmates
12 0:11:35 Hiccough Charlie hiccups
13 0:11:39 Cow Man calls Charlie a cow
14 0:11:41 Charlie Charlie talks to inmates and focuses on Joe
15 0:12:27 Marching Inmates marching
16 lovers meet 0:13:08 Comedy fall Joe falls over while milking the cow
17 0:13:13 Underscoring (Humorous) Joe goes back and talks to the cow
18 0:13:38 Dust Be My Destiny Playful Mabel talks to Joe for the first time
19 0:13:56 Joe fights cow Joe fights cow (off-screen)
20 0:14:07 Dust Be My Destiny Laughing Mabel laughs at Joe
21 0:14:10 Laughing Mabel laughs at Joe
22 0:14:22 Dust Be My Destiny Agitated Joe argues with Mabel
23 0:14:40 Underscoring (Tense) Charlie enters and asks what's going on
24 0:14:53 Dust Be My Destiny Tense Joe talks to Charlie
25 advance plot 0:17:18 Train whistle A distant train whistle sounds
26 0:17:23 Escape Plan Joe talks with the boys
27 0:17:41 Dust Be My Destiny Pleading Mabel pleads for Joe's case
28 0:17:58 Dust Be My Destiny Medical Report Warden talks about Charlie
29 0:18:08 Dust Be My Destiny Expectant Mabel leaves
30 conflict 0:18:23 Dust Be My Destiny Denied Mabel talks to Joe briefly
31 0:18:36 Dust Be My Destiny Somber Mabel thinks
32 love scene NIF Dust Be My Destiny Dolceeessimo NIF
33 0:21:46 Underscoring (Romantic) Mabel talks with Joe
34 0:22:04 Dust Be My Destiny In Love Mabel and Joe talking; she asks him to tell her that he loves her
35 0:23:08 Dust Be My Destiny Pensive Joe talks to Mabel about his hopes and dreams
36 0:23:38 Dust Be My Destiny Expressivo Joe and Mabel continue talking
37 0:24:50 Dust Be My Destiny Ethereal Joe tells Mabel he loves her and they kiss
38 conflict 0:25:03 Underscoring (Dark) Charlie interrupts the lovers
39 0:25:26 Underscoring (Dramatic) Charlie talks to Joe and Mabel
40 0:25:41 Dust Be My Destiny Fight Charlie and Joe fight
41 0:25:55 Dust Be My Destiny Running Away Joe and Mabel run
42 0:26:05 Running Joe and Mabel run
43 death 0:26:09 Dying Charlie falls and dies
44 0:26:13 Turning around Joe and Mabel turn around to look at Charlie
45 turning point 0:26:17 Dust Be My Destiny Fateful Decision Joe and Mabel decide to run away together
46 conflict 0:26:38 Underscoring (Dramatic) Car drives towards Joe and Mabel
47 0:26:45 Running away Joe and Mabel run away
48 traveling 0:26:52 Arriving Joe and Mabel settle into their new situation
49 advance plot 0:27:22 Dust Be My Destiny In Love Joe and Mabel talk
50 0:27:38 Dust Be My Destiny Milkman Joe and Mabel talk to the milk man
51 0:28:47 Dust Be My Destiny A Hotel Joe mentions going to a hotel and getting married
52 love scene 0:29:02 Here Comes the Bride Modulating Joe and Mabel run to the courthouse
53 0:29:38 Dust Be My Destiny Waiting Joe and Mabel talk about getting married
54 0:30:12 Dust Be My Destiny Running Up and Down Man runs up and down the courthouse steps
55 0:30:35 Here Comes the Bride Triple Man talks to Joe and Mabel on the courthouse steps
56 0:30:49 Dust Be My Destiny Got Each Other Mabel proclaims her love for Joe on the courthouse steps
57 0:30:58 Fairy Music Man picks up their luggage and convinces them to follow
58 0:31:07 Here Comes the Bride Advertisement Outside of a theatre advertising "Marriage on Stage Tonite"
59 wedding 0:31:17 Here Comes the Bride Crowd singing and clapping to Here Comes the Bride for a live wedding
60 0:32:48 Here Comes the Bride Pianist keeps playing in the background as Joe and Mabel talk
61 develop character 0:33:37 In a Moment of Weakness Joe and Mabel talk and listen to the radio
62 0:34:19 Radio Fanfare Fanfare plays on the radio, announcing the news
63 escape 0:34:56 Fleeing Joe and Mabel flee
64 0:35:11 Agitato Risoluto Joe and Mabel hide under the stairs
65 0:35:25 Dust Be My Destiny Injustice Joe and Mabel talk in the alley
66 0:35:50 Dust Be My Destiny Fear and Devotion Joe and Mabel decide to stay together no matter what
67 traveling 0:36:28 Dust Be My Destiny Travel Montage Joe and Mabel run away and catch rides on a train
68 0:37:16 Dust Be My Destiny Wandering Joe and Mabel walk by the side of the road
69 conflict 0:37:38 Dust Be My Destiny Weary Joe and Mabel rest by the side of the road
70 0:38:00 Underscoring (Dramatic) Joe and Mabel argue
71 0:38:38 Dust Be My Destiny Joe and Mabel walk in opposite directions
72 0:38:56 Dust Be My Destiny Parting Ways Joe and Mabel part
73 0:39:33 Dust Be My Destiny Running Mabel runs across the street to hitch a ride
74 0:39:53 Dust Be My Destiny Regret Joe walks away sadly thinking Mabel has left
75 resolution 0:40:03 Dust Be My Destiny Reunited Joe looks back to see Mabel still there and runs to her
76 comedy 0:40:39 The Poster Joe and Mabel look at a sign for a train
77 establish character 0:40:51 My Wild Irish Rose Joe and Mabel in Nick's Diner
78 0:42:25 Dust Be My Destiny Irish Rose Joe and Mabel go to work in the kitchen
79 develop character 0:43:38 Dust Be My Destiny Delicatessen Mabel and Nick talk
80 0:43:51 Dust Be My Destiny In Love Mabel and Nick talk
81 0:44:01 Dust Be My Destiny Delicatessen Mabel and Nick talk
82 0:44:12 Dust Be My Destiny Wild Irish Rose Mabel and Nick talk
83 0:44:32 Dust Be My Destiny Calm Mabel and Nick talk
84 traveling 0:45:44 Whistling Joe whistles and walks down the street
85 create suspense 0:46:02 Dust Be My Destiny Worried Mabel talks to the police
86 0:46:25 Whistling Suspenseful Mabel talks to the police as Joe gets closer to the house
87 0:46:42 Underscoring (Dramatic) Mabel yells out the window to warn Joe; the police shoot at Joe as he runs away
88 0:46:50 Joe runs and falls Joe runs and falls
89 0:46:58 Underscoring (Dark) Nick and Joe in the cafe
90 advance plot 0:47:35 Dust Be My Destiny Hiding Nick and Joe talk about getting Mabel out of jail
91 jail break 0:47:58 Underscoring (Tense) Nick and Joe go to the jail
92 0:48:21 Dust Be My Destiny Sordini Joe talks to the jailer
93 0:48:34 Underscoring (Tense) Joe talks to the jailer
94 0:48:45 Dust Be My Destiny Trickery Joe talks to the jailer to convince him to let him enter
95 0:49:05 Underscoring (Tense) Joe enters the jail
96 0:49:16 Dust Be My Destiny Jail Break Mabel looks up and sees Joe coming in the jail
97 0:50:12 Dust Be My Destiny Stick Up Joe pulls out a gun
98 0:50:26 Dust Be My Destiny The Escape Joe and Mabel leave the jail
99 0:50:50 Dust Be My Destiny Grandioso Joe and Mabel are almost free
100 0:51:01 Stinger Joe and Mabel get in the car with Nick
101 escape 0:51:08 Speeding car The car speeds off
102 0:51:13 Speeding train A train comes on screen
103 0:51:24 Dust Be My Destiny Thankful Joe, Mabel, and Nick talk in the car
104 0:51:35 My Wild Irish Rose Goodbye Joe and Mabel say goodbye to Nick
105 0:52:06 My Wild Irish Rose Grandioso Joe and Mabel leave on a train
106 conflict 0:52:28 Dust Be My Destiny Radio Joe comes home and talks to Mabel in their apartment
107 0:55:00 Dust Be My Destiny Arguing Joe tries to leave with a gun and Mabel tries to stop him
108 NIF Dust Be My Destiny Not In Film N/A
109 crime 0:55:50 Patrol Cop checks on a local business
110 0:56:14 Dust Be My Destiny Sehr Ominous Joe walks into a shop to rob it
111 0:56:34 Cantor Joe talks to Jewish shopkeeper, who offers to help him before he even tries to rob her
112 love scene 0:57:38 Dust Be My Destiny Transformation Joe comes back to the apartment
113 0:58:04 Dust Be My Destiny Reunited Joe embraces Mabel
114 action scene 0:59:15 Underscoring (Dramatic) Bank is robbed and Joe takes pictures
115 0:59:15 Alarm Alarm sounds
116 0:59:42 Dust Be My Destiny Heroic Joe heroically takes pictures of the robbery
117 0:59:53 Underscoring (Dramatic) Police arrive at the scene
118 establish setting 1:00:10 The Daily Journal Sign for The Daily Journal
119 action scene 1:01:05 Buzzing Newspapermen work in the dark room
120 headline 1:03:23 Headlines Newspaper boy yelling to sell newspapers
121 advance plot 1:05:26 Dust Be My Destiny Mysterioso Joe talks to the newspaper editor
122 1:06:54 Dust Be My Destiny Relief Newspaper editor talks with Joe
123 1:08:53 Dust Be My Destiny Dolceeessimo Joe and Mabel talk
124 conflict 1:09:28 Underscoring (Tense) Newspaper editor is confronted by gangsters
125 1:10:26 Gangsters walk The gangsters walk to their car
126 1:10:32 Underscoring (Dramatic) Joe runs after the car
127 action scene 1:10:38 Dust Be My Destiny Brave Joe jumps onto the car
128 1:10:32 Dust Be My Destiny Heroic Joe heroically wrestles the steering wheel from the gangster
129 1:10:55 Car crash Gangsters crash the car
130 advance plot 1:11:01 Dust Be My Destiny Emergency Room Mabel enters the hospital looking for Joe
131 1:11:25 Dust Be My Destiny Reunited Mabel embraces Joe after she meets him
132 1:11:50 Dust Be My Destiny Simply Mabel and Joe talk
133 1:11:57 Dust Be My Destiny Leaving Hospital Mabel and Joe start to leave
134 conflict 1:12:09 Underscoring (Tense) Mabel and Joe hide from the reporters
135 1:12:21 Dust Be My Destiny Cornered Mabel and Joe decide what to do
136 1:12:42 Dust Be My Destiny Hiding Mabel tries to convince Joe that they should stop
137 1:12:59 Dust Be My Destiny Disagreement Mabel and Joe argue
138 1:13:14 Dust Be My Destiny Appassionatissimo Joe makes a run for it
139 1:13:35 Dust Be My Destiny Tragico Mabel turns Joe in to the police
140 montage 1:13:48 Dust Be My Destiny Newspaper Montage Newspaper montage about Joe
141 trial 1:22:18 Dust Be My Destiny Delicate Mabel rises to testify for Joe
142 1:22:41 Dust Be My Destiny Religioso Mabel testifies for Joe
143 resolution 1:26:04 Dust Be My Destiny Travel Montage Train approaches the screen
144 1:26:17 Dust Be My Destiny Train Joe and Mabel on the train
145 1:26:31 Dust Be My Destiny Hanging Hats Joe and Mabel toss their hats onto the hooks on the train
146 end title sequence 1:26:45 Dust Be My Destiny The End "The End"
147 1:26:54 Dust Be My Destiny End Credits End credits