Another Face (1935)

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Film Music Structure for Another Face

Number Scene Type Time Theme Variant Gesture On-screen
1 opening title sequence 0:00:00 Success at any Price Beeping RKO radio tower
2 establish setting 0:00:58 Success at any Price Transition Times Square in New York City
3 0:01:38 Lover's Quarrel Gangsters get out of a car
4 0:01:57 Suicide Transition Gangsters arrive at doctor's office
5 establish character 0:02:11 Russian Waltz + The Iron Door Meno Gangsters talk with doctor
6 0:02:30 Underscoring (Tense) Gangster talks with nurse
7 0:02:43 Zaroff + The Iron Door Molto Moderato The gangsters depart
8 0:02:53 Courage + The Iron Door Close up on the nurse
9 0:03:08 Underscoring (Mysterious) Gangster smoking in chair
10 operation scene 0:03:21 Ursula Hypnotic An operation
11 0:03:42 The Swami Sleeping The nurse gets supplies
12 0:03:55 Russian Waltz Whole Tone The operation continues
13 0:04:26 Courage Tone Cluster Gangster all bandaged up
14 advance plot 0:04:46 Russian Waltz Poco Agitato Nurse argues with doctor
15 0:05:01 Zaroff Poco Agitato Nurse argues with doctor
16 0:05:09 Courage Hiding Doctor threatens nurse
17 0:25:47 You're an Angel A man knocks on a door
18 0:38:13 Old Fashioned Love People at a pool party
19 0:39:50 I Never Saw a Better Night Sheila talks with her aunt
20 0:41:15 Boys Will Be Boys The maid bakes a cake
21 end title sequence 1:08:26 Transient Love End Title Joe hugs Sheila