We're Only Human (1935) [IN PROCESS - Information may be incomplete or contain inaccuracies]

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Film Music Structure for We're Only Human

Number Scene Type Time Theme Variant Gesture On-screen
1 opening title sequence 0:00:00 RKO Tower Beeping RKO radio tower
2 0:00:13 Crestwood A Title of the film
3 0:00:21 Crestwood B Cast list
4 0:00:31 Crestwood C Cast list
5 love scene 0:13:56 Silver Lining Pete and Sally in a restaurant
6 advance plot 0:22:34 Old Lavender Gentle A man scoops up some pasta
7 0:22:44 Old Lavender Packaged-up food
8 0:23:14 Old Lavender Celeste Solo Pete and Sally buying food
9 conflict 0:23:23 Underscoring (Lyrical) Pete exits the store
10 0:23:36 Lullaby Adagio Peter watches the car drive away
11 love scene 0:23:59 Isn't This a Night For Love Pete and Sally having dinner
12 action scene 0:27:05 Pleading Pete and Danny dodge from gunfire
13 0:27:09 Gypo Runs Away Pete and Danny hide
14 0:27:17 The Informer Up the Stairs Pete prepares to advance
15 0:27:37 Blood Money Four Coins Pete and Danny hide
16 0:27:51 The Informer Lying Danny prepares to advance
17 0:28:23 Kong 1 Pete jumps on a criminal
18 0:28:34 Kong 2 Pete handcuffs a criminal
19 0:28:47 Katie Triste Pete talks to the criminal
20 0:28:58 Blood Money Extended Pete walks away with the criminal
21 0:29:21 Katie Begging Close up on Danny
22 0:29:35 Begging Pete talks with Danny
23 0:30:05 Katie Dolcissimo Danny talks with Pete
24 0:30:44 Dan and Mary Adagio Pete says goodbye to Danny
25 advance plot 0:33:11 Isn't This a Night For Love Pete walks into a diner
26 0:36:50 Midnight in Manhattan Warm Mary and Pete in a restaurant
27 0:46:46 Mildred Waltz Pete looks at police sketches
28 0:47:49 Waiting Sally leaves
48 resolution 1:08:36 Isn't This a Night For Love The End Pete kisses Sally