Angels With Dirty Faces (1938)

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Film Music Structure for Angels With Dirty Faces

Number Scene Type Time Theme Variant Gesture On-screen
1 opening title sequence 0:00:00 Signature WB shield
2 0:00:07 Transition Starring cast list
3 0:00:15 The Gangster Main title
4 establish setting 0:00:58 Sidewalks of New York Organ grinder on the streets of New York
5 chase scene 0:04:21 The Chase Cops chase boys through the train yard
6 establish character 0:05:04 The Gangster Reformatory Sign: "Society for Juvenile Delinquents"
7 0:06:17 The Gangster Fingerprints Montage of juvenile detention and prison life
8 0:06:46 Bootlegging Bootlegging liquor
9 0:06:52 Running and shooting Police chase gangsters and Rocky shoots
10 0:07:01 Roulette Roulette wheel spins
11 0:07:05 Night Club Music Rocky gambles in a nightclub
12 0:07:16 Explosion Building explodes after car drives by
13 0:07:21 The Gangster Headlines Newspaper headline
14 advance plot 0:07:26 Underscoring (Mysterious) Rocky talks with his lawyer
15 transition 0:08:07 The Gangster Maestoso Discharge papers from the penitentiary
16 0:08:31 I've Got a Heartfelt of Music People in the street
17 music scene 0:09:13 Sanctus Church interior with boys singing in a choir loft
18 0:12:55 In My Merry Oldsmobile Rocky and Jerry singing
19 advance plot 0:16:49 When a Prince of a Fella Meets a Cinderella Rocky goes to a night club
20 0:18:15 Monday Morning Rocky talks to Frazier in his office
21 0:19:36 So Help Me (If I Don't Love You) Rocky leaves the nightclub
22 0:21:14 Whistling Character whistles
23 establish character NIF Rocky and Laury Not In Film 1 Rocky and Laury walk
24 NIF Rocky and Laury Not In Film 2 Rocky and Laury walk
25 conflict NIF Underscoring (Dramatic) Rocky enters a drug store
26 0:39:58 Underscoring (Tense) Rocky in the drug store
27 0:40:26 Pushing forward Man pulls a gun on the cashier
28 0:40:37 Backing up Rocky pulls a gun on the man following him
29 0:40:48 Closes door Rocky shuts the phone booth door
30 0:40:50 Underscoring (Dramatic) Gangsters shoot their own man in phone booth
31 0:41:02 Sneaking away Rocky sneaks away
32 0:41:09 Crowd rushing Crowd rushes to the crime scene
33 0:41:20 Underscoring (Tense) Police car arrives
34 0:41:37 Rocky and Laury Laury pushes her way through the crowd
35 0:41:46 Crowd Hustling crowd
36 advance plot 0:42:10 Car slowing down Car slows down
37 0:42:30 Stickup Rocky points a gun at Frazier
38 0:42:40 The Gangster Elevator Music Elevator goes up
39 develop character 0:58:27 Shuffle Off to Buffalo Boys in pool hall
40 0:58:56 From Me to You Boys in pool hall
41 love scene 1:01:43 Underscoring (Romantic) Rocky and Laury talk
42 1:01:59 Rocky and Laury Sentimental Rocky and Laury talk
43 1:02:20 Foxtrot Rocky and Laury look out the window
44 advance plot 1:02:30 Saving Myself For You (I've Been) Rocky and Laury at a night club
45 1:04:49 The Cartoon Jerry looks at newspaper cartoon of Rocky
46 1:05:06 The Cook The cook hands a package to Jerry
47 1:05:33 Sanctus Mysterioso Jerry looks at note from Rocky
48 NIF Underscoring (Dramatic)
49 1:05:58 Underscoring (Mysterious) Jerry goes to meet Rocky
50 turning point 1:09:33 Underscoring (Mysterious) Jerry leaves
51 1:09:33 Tossing money Jerry throws Rocky's money on the table
52 montage 1:09:49 Underscoring (Dramatic) Jerry talks to newspaper editor
53 1:10:09 Newspaper Editor A newspaper editor accepts Jerry's story
54 1:10:28 Headlines A montage of newspaper headlines
55 1:10:54 Hurrying A newspaper editor gives orders to his men
56 advance plot 1:11:08 Pleading Laury pleads for Rocky
57 1:11:35 Jerry Jerry talks to Laury
58 montage 1:12:27 Flyers Montage of flyers for a public meeting
59 conflict 1:16:29 Underscoring (Dramatic) Rocky shoots Mac and Frazier
60 1:16:35 Mac gets shot Mac gets shot and dies
61 1:16:56 Frazier gets shot Frazier gets shot and dies
62 1:17:32 Going down a ladder Rocky goes down an escape ladder
63 1:17:41 Going up a ladder Rocky climbs up an escape ladder
64 1:17:55 Running on wall Rocky runs on wall
65 1:18:11 Breaking in Rocky enters the building
66 1:19:00 Underscoring (Dramatic) Rocky is trapped in a building
67 1:19:05 Going down stairs Rocky runs down the stairs
68 1:19:27 Going up stairs Rocky runs up the stairs
69 1:19:48 Tear Gas Tear gas spreads throughout the room
70 1:20:24 Machine Gun Policeman shoots at Rocky with machine gun
71 1:20:39 Underscoring (Dramatic) Policemen shoot tear gas in through the window
72 1:20:51 Launching tear gas Policemen shoot tear gas in through the window
73 1:21:00 Pleading Extended Jerry arrives on the scene
74 1:21:14 Jerry + Tear Gas Rocky staggers through tear gas and Jerry arrives
75 1:21:26 Jerry Pleading Jerry talks to the cops
76 1:21:40 Tear Gas Desperate Rocky tries to hold off the cops
77 1:22:13 Jerry Maestoso Jerry enters the building
78 1:23:10 Underscoring (Dramatic) Jerry and Rocky confront one another
79 1:23:21 Jerry Agitato Jerry and Rocky talk
80 1:23:44 Jerry Slowly Jerry goes to the window
81 1:23:57 The Gangster Triste Rocky uses Jerry as a hostage
82 1:25:07 Jerry Hostage Rocky pushes Jerry
83 1:25:13 Rocky runs Rocky makes a run for it
84 1:25:20 Underscoring (Dramatic) Rocky throws his gun
85 1:25:31 The Gangster Captured Rocky is captured
86 climax 1:31:04 Jerry Somber Rocky leaves his cell for his execution
87 1:31:40 Jerry Upset Jerry follows Rocky out of his cell
88 1:31:44 Underscoring (Dramatic) Rocky punches a guard
89 1:31:55 The Gangster Funebre Rocky is taken away
90 1:32:03 Funebre Jerry and Rocky walk down the hall
91 1:33:12 Jerry Goodbye Jerry says goodbye to Rocky
92 1:33:19 Funebre Sigh Rocky heads towards electric chair
93 1:33:36 Underscoring (Tense) Rocky pleads for his life
94 1:34:12 Sanctus Mournful Jerry cries after Rocky dies
95 resolution 1:35:23 Jerry Triste Jerry visits the boys
96 1:36:06 Sanctus Maestoso Jerry and the boys walk up the stairs
97 end title sequence 1:36:38 Jerry End Title End title