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Film Music Structure for Death of a Scoundrel

Number Scene Type Time Theme Variant Gesture On-screen
1 0:00:00 RKO Logo RKO logo
2 0:00:11 Cab Ride Cab driving through the big city
3 0:00:37 Bridget Bridget arrives at her destination and talks to the butler looking for Mr. Sabourin
4 0:00:56 Up the Stairs 1 Bridget walks up the stairs
5 0:01:22 Death 1 Mr. Sabourin is lying dead on the floors, arms oustretched to fill the wide screen
6 0:01:47 Clementi A Death of a Scoundrel over Clementi's dead body
7 0:02:06 Clementi B Credits
8 0:02:34 Clementi A Maestoso Credits
9 0:03:02 Underscoring (Tense) Detective enters the house
10 0:04:55 Death 1 Clementi's body is removed from the room
11 0:05:23 Clementi's Mother Detective questions Clementi's mother
12 transition 0:05:34 Detective Rises Detective rises to question Bridget
13 0:05:53 Bridget's Story Detective questions Bridget
14 0:06:24 Bridget Bridget begins to tell her story about Clementi
15 flashback 0:06:55 Clementi C Flashback to Bridget's story
16 0:07:01 Train Station Train arrives in the station in Europe
17 0:07:20 Italy at Night Clementi walks down the street in Italy
18 0:07:35 Gerry Clementi knocks on his brother's door in the middle of the night and wakes him up
19 0:07:45 Lamp Gerry turns on the light
20 0:07:51 Underscoring (Tense) Gerry walks to the door with a flashlight
21 0:09:20 Where Is Zina? Zina enters and we learn that she has married Clementi's brother
22 0:09:30 Zina Clementi learns that Zina has married his brother while she thought he was dead
23 0:09:38 Underscoring (Tense) Zina talks to Clementi
24 0:09:57 Clementi A Appassionato Clementi talks about his past
25 0:10:18 Clementi B Clementi talks about his lost love
26 0:10:38 Underscoring (Somber) Clementi leaves the shop
27 0:10:52 Clementi A Tragic Clementi goes away
28 0:11:08 Underscoring (Mysterious) Clementi walks away with the policeman
29 0:12:34 Stinger Policemen lock up Gerry
30 0:12:41 Gerry Policeman knock on Gerry's door and wake him up
31 0:12:47 Lamp Gerry turns on the light
32 0:12:54 Underscoring (Tense) Gerry walks to the door with a flashlight
33 0:13:07 Underscoring (Dramatic) Gerry sees police at the door / transition to police station
34 0:13:57 Clementi A Shocked Gerry learns that his brother was shot
35 0:14:05 Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean Boat sails into New York harbor
36 0:16:46 Bridget Gershwin Clementi and Bridget talk in a bar, then Clementi is searched by the police to see if he had stolen a man's wallet
37 0:24:24 Realization Bridget realizes that Clementi stole the stolen wallet from her
38 0:24:26 Rushing Bridget hurries to gather her things to find Clementi
39 0:24:42 The Chase Man chases after Clementi
40 0:24:49 Jumps down stairs Man jumps down the stairs to chase Clementi
41 0:24:53 Running Man runs after Clementi in the street
42 0:24:57 The Chase Sequence Man follows Clementi into an alley
43 0:25:06 Clementi is shot Clementi is shot and buckles over
44 0:25:09 The Fight Clementi and man fight
45 0:25:25 Truck Attacker is hit by truck
46 0:25:31 Death 2 People gather around dead man who was just hit by the truck
47 0:27:54 Clementi C Plotting Clementi buys 20,000 stocks for a drug
48 0:35:24 Clementi C Molto Grazioso Clementi negotiates with Mrs. Ryan
49 0:36:58 Underscoring (Tense) Clementi tries to get his check back
50 0:37:31 The Clock Close up of a clock on the wall while Clementi waits for Mr. O'Hara
51 0:37:44 Underscoring (Tense) Clementi waits in the coffee shop
52 0:38:09 Clementi C Phone Call Clementi calls for Mr. O'Hara
53 0:38:29 Clementi C Modto Misterioso Clementi sits down to talk to Mr. O'Hara
54 0:41:38 Clementi C Waltz Clementi and Mrs. Ryan go outside to see the garden
55 0:43:01 Bridget Blues Bridget comes into Clementi's office
56 0:43:51 Bridget Humorous Clementi reads a note from Bridget
57 0:44:08 Bridget Gershwin Clementi introduces the two women to each other
58 0:47:13 Clementi A Dramatic Plane lands in Canada
59 Clementi C Business
60 flashback 0:50:00 Clementi C Sad Mr. Wilson learns his stock has tanked
61 0:50:13 Clementi C Underscoring Clementi offers to buy Mr. Wilson's company
62 0:50:56 Bridget Sultry Clementi tells Mr. Wilson that Bridget will be staying with him
63 0:51:26 Clementi C Molto Grazioso Clementi and Bridget talk
64 0:53:17 Clementi C Celebratory Worker informs Clementi that they struck oil
65 0:53:36 Stock Ticker Montage of rising stock in the Wilson company that Clementi just bought
66 0:58:26 Clementi C Clementi calls Mrs. Ryan's secretary
67 0:59:28 Waltz People dancing at a fancy party
68 1:02:27 Waltz 2 Bridget talks with a rich man at the party
69 1:03:04 Waltz 3 Stephanie (Mrs. Ryan's secretary) joins the party
70 1:04:13 Stephanie Clementi and Stephanie talk outside at the party
71 1:07:22 Bridget Surprised Bridget is surprised when Clementi says he might marry Stephanie
72 1:07:30 Stephanie Broadway Newspaper headline about a new Broadway show
73 1:08:52 Stephanie Stephanie goes to audition for the Broadway show
74 1:11:07 Clementi C Clementi talks to Edith at lunch
75 1:12:27 Bridget Bridget talks to Edith
76 1:18:53 Stephanie Playbill for The Walking Doll, then the curtain opens
77 1:23:04 Clementi C Successful Clementi and Stephanie talk about her potential success on Broadway
78 1:23:21 Clementi A Appassionato Clementi tells Stephanie that he loves her
79 1:23:45 Clementi B Romantic Clementi tells Stephanie that he loves her
80 1:24:05 Stephanie Laughs Stephanie laughs at Clementi
81 1:24:20 Stephanie Triumph Stephanie leaves Clementi
82 1:24:33 Clementi C Frustrated Clementi is frustrated after Stephanie leaves
83 1:26:01 Bridget Triste Bridget invites Clementi to dine with her
84 1:26:19 Clementi A Headline Newspaper headline about Stephanie's replacement
85 1:26:32 Underscoring (Somber) Stephanie goes into Clementi's office
86 1:26:52 Clementi C Con Moto Clementi and Stephanie talk
87 1:27:04 Stephanie Deception Clementi and Stephanie talk
88 1:27:19 Stephanie Leaving Clementi and Stephanie talk
89 1:28:53 Stephanie Weeping Stephanie leaves Clementi
90 1:29:43 Bridget Expressivo Bridget consoles Clementi and tells him she loves him
91 1:30:07 Bridget Dolce Bridget speaks with Clementi
92 1:30:40 Clementi C Determined Bridget speaks with Clementi about his dreams of money
93 1:30:56 Stephanie Uncertain Producer calls Clementi asking for Stephanie to be put back in the play
94 1:31:34 Clementi's Mother The Letter Bridget reads a letter to Clementi from his mother
95 1:33:57 Where Is Zina? Clementi is surprised to see Zina in his house pointing a gun at him
96 1:34:08 Zina Zina tells Clementi how she knows he killed his brother
97 1:34:34 Clementi A Clementi's butler calls and interrupts
98 1:34:56 Clementi B Clementi argues with Zina
99 1:35:29 Clementi A Zina threatens Clementi with the gun and he panics
100 1:36:03 Clementi C Clementi defends himself to Zina
101 1:36:28 Clementi A Clementi answers the phone
102 1:36:49 Clementi B Clementi sends Zina off to her hotel
103 1:37:12 Clementi C Airplane Clementi and Zina travel to Chicago in an airplane
104 1:37:32 Clementi A Guitar Newpaper headline about Clementi arriving in Chicago
105 1:37:39 Underscoring (Lyrical) Clementi and Zina enter the hotel and are shown to their rooms
106 1:38:01 Clementi B Zina and Clementi embrace and kiss in the hotel
107 1:38:55 Clementi A Tragic Zina sees Clementi kiss Edith and take her into his room
108 1:39:11 Underscoring (Tense) The police take Clementi to see Zina's dead body
109 1:39:50 Clementi A Dark Clementi speaks to the police about Zina's death, and they read her final note
110 1:40:02 Underscoring (Mysterious) Detectives tell Clementi of Zina's death, note, and phone call
111 1:40:29 Clementi A Grim Newspaper headline showing that Clementi was arrested for murder
112 1:41:41 Clementi C Molto Grazioso Clementi plans how to keep his money
113 1:42:01 Clementi A Clementi and Bridget go to dinner, but are told he is not allowed to dine there
114 1:42:38 Clementi A Bleak Newpaper headline implicates Clementi in an embezzlement scheme
115 1:42:44 Clementi's Mother Arriving Clementi's mother gets off of the plane
116 1:44:22 Up the Stairs 2 Clementi takes his mother up the stairs to her room
117 1:45:16 Clementi's Mother Peaceful Clementi talks to his mother
118 1:45:52 Clementi C Tense Clementi tells his mother of Zina's death, and his plan to get out of the country with all of his money
119 1:46:39 Clementi's Mother Disappointed Clementi's mother realizes that he brought her to America to help him escape
120 1:50:59 Clementi A Mr. O'Hara enters Clementi's office
121 1:51:13 Clementi C Mr. O'Hara pulls a gun on Clementi
122 1:51:35 The Fight Clementi and O'Hara get into a fight
123 1:51:59 Death 2 Dark Zina enters Clementi's office after Mr. O'Hara was shot
124 1:52:39 Clementi A Funereal Clementi leaves his office and exits the building
125 1:53:09 Underscoring (Tense) Clementi rides in a cab, and the driver talks about him and the news about him not knowing that Clementi is the rider
126 1:53:37 Stephanie Regret Clementi sees a marquee with Stephanie's name on it
127 1:54:01 Clementi C Guilty Clementi exits the taxi and walks down the street past a church sign: "For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?" (Mark 8:36)
128 1:55:06 Clementi A Mother Clementi staggers up the stairs
129 1:55:38 Underscoring (Subtle) Clementi knocks on his mother's door
130 1:55:54 Clementi's Mother Confession Clementi speaks with his mother through the door and asks for repentance
131 1:56:30 Clementi A Appassionato Clementi leaves his mother and walks down the hall
132 1:56:56 Bridget Sweetly Clementi speaks with Bridget on the phone
133 1:57:14 Clementi A Appassionato Clementi speaks with Bridget on the phone, then dies
134 1:57:48 Death 1 The story goes back to present day when Bridget is telling the story of Clementi to the detectives
135 1:58:15 Clementi's Mother Bridget talks to Clementi's mother
136 1:58:26 Clementi A Appassionato Briget walks out of the room
137 1:58:53 Clementi B Bridget walks down the stairs
138 1:59:10 Apotheosis Bridget looks around Clementi's home for the last time
139 1:59:22 Clementi A The End The End