They Made Me a Criminal (1939)

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Film Music Structure for They Made Me a Criminal

Number Scene Type Time Theme Variant Gesture On-screen
1 opening title sequence 0:00:00 Signature WB shield
2 0:00:07 Transition Main title
3 0:00:25 Peggy Cast list
4 establish character 0:05:01 M-O-T-H-E-R Drunken man singing
5 murder scene 0:05:54 So Help Me (If I Don’t Love You) Relaxing in Johnnie's apartment
6 0:06:23 When a Prince of a Fella Meets a Cinderella Relaxing in Johnnie's apartment
7 0:08:02 Saving Myself For You (I’ve Been) Relaxing in Johnnie's apartment
8 action scene 0:13:05 They Say Driving in Johnnie's car
9 montage 0:14:10 The Printing Press Montage of newspaper headlines
10 transition 0:14:31 The Street Newspaper boy on street
11 0:14:42 The Bicycle Newspaper boy on bicycle
12 advance plot 0:14:48 The Awakening Johnnie wakes up
13 0:15:29 Reading Johnnie reads newspaper
14 0:16:01 Underscoring (Dramatic) Johnnie rushes inside to the phone book
15 0:22:16 Underscoring (Somber) Johnnie takes money
16 montage 0:22:25 Traveling Johnnie becomes a fugitive
17 0:22:47 Train Johnnie continues his travels
18 0:22:51 The Fugitive Traveling Johnnie continues his travels
19 advance plot 0:23:12 The Fugitive Triste Johnnie at a diner
20 0:23:19 Drops money Johnnie drops his money
21 0:23:21 Underscoring (Mysterious) Johnnie confronts men at the diner
22 0:23:30 Steps on money A man steps on Johnnie's money
23 0:24:21 Jumps off train Johnnie jumps off the moving train
24 0:24:29 The Fugitive Johnnie walks
25 establish character 0:25:04 Cowboy From Brooklyn Worker whistles
26 0:25:11 The Fugitive Looking Around Johnnie walks
27 0:25:21 Date picking Dead End Kids picking dates
28 0:25:34 Throws date Boy throws date
29 0:25:42 The Fugitive Arriving Johnnie talks to Peggy
30 0:26:32 The Fugitive Fainting Johnnie stumbles and faints
31 0:26:48 Underscoring (Dramatic) Peggy rushes to help Johnnie
32 lovers meet 0:26:58 Peggy Helps Johnnie Peggy helps Johnnie
33 0:27:13 The Fugitive Recovering Johnnie talks to Peggy after he wakes up
34 0:28:20 Peggy Dolce Johnnie talks to Peggy after he wakes up
35 conflict 0:28:51 Underscoring (Dark) Sheriff comes in
36 0:29:07 The Fugitive Excitedly Johnnie lies to the sheriff
37 0:29:25 The Fugitive Relieved Sheriff and others leave
38 0:29:45 The Fugitive Leaving Johnnie prepares to leaves the ranch house
39 0:30:00 Jumps out of window Johnnie jumps out of the window
40 0:30:01 Underscoring (Dramatic) Johnnie sneaks away
41 0:30:11 The Ladder Boys sees Johnnie leaving
42 0:30:16 Ladder falls Boys falls off of a ladder
43 love scene 0:48:31 The Fugitive Apology Johnnie and Peggy talk
44 0:49:16 Peggy Delicatissimo Johnnie and Peggy kiss
45 0:49:40 On the Make Johnnie and Peggy drive in a car
46 advance plot 0:53:21 On the Make Extended Johnnie and Peggy drive in a car
47 0:55:35 By a Waterfall Johnnie and the boys operate a shower
48 turning point 0:56:17 Underscoring (Dramatic) Johnnie sees his picture in the paper
49 advance plot 1:01:22 The Arena The detective looks at a fight poster
50 1:01:48 Marcia Grotesque Johnnie talks to another boxer
51 1:02:14 Underscoring (Tense) Johnnie overhears the detective
52 1:02:31 The Fugitive Hiding Detective buys tickets to Johnnie's match
53 1:02:45 Marche Funebre Boys look at poster of a boxer
54 conflict 1:03:55 The Fugitive Ashamed Johnnie tells them he can't fight
55 1:05:13 On the Make Dolce Johnnie talks with Peggy
56 1:05:52 Underscoring (Tense) Johnnie explains why he is not fighting
57 1:06:05 On the Make Heartbreak Johnnie leaves
58 1:06:29 On the Make Crying Peggy cries after Johnnie leaves
59 1:06:51 The Fugitive Let Down Dead End Kids talk about Johnnie
60 1:07:38 The Fugitive Going Away Johnnie is left alone
61 turning point 1:07:57 On the Make Tenderly Johnnie talks to Tommy
62 1:09:07 On the Make Lohenblueish Johnnie decides that he will fight
63 1:09:41 The Fugitive Religioso Johnnie looks at a picture
64 1:09:53 Inspiration Johnnie decides to fight with his right hand
65 sport scene 1:10:16 The Whip Kids at the carnival
66 1:13:45 World's Record Boxers prepare for the fight
67 1:14:53 Spirit of Independence Johnnie marches into the ring for his fight
68 climax 1:24:19 Peggy Waiting Johnnie talks to Peggy
69 1:25:16 Lying Johnnie lies to Peggy about where he's going
70 1:25:51 On the Make Appassionato Johnnie says goodbye to Peggy
71 resolution 1:30:23 The Fugitive Ending Johnnie leaves the rail yard with Tommy
72 1:30:35 Running Johnnie runs to Tommy
73 end title 1:31:03 On the Make End Cast End titles