Headline Shooter (1933)

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Film Music Structure for Headline Shooter

Number Scene Type Time Theme Variant Gesture On-screen
1 opening title sequence 0:00:00 RKO Tower Beeping RKO radio tower
2 0:00:15 You Bunch of Fun Introduction Title and starring list over camera lens montage
3 0:00:44 You Bunch of Fun Cast list over racing vehicles
4 0:01:08 You Bunch of Fun Transition Video cast list
5 establish setting 0:01:23 Transition Video cast list
6 establish character 0:02:32 He's Not the Marrying Kind Radio announcer talking
7 0:04:41 Ensemble Tuning Bill talks to business man
8 0:05:21 You Can Depend on Me Bathing beauties walk past
9 advance plot 0:21:50 Tell Me is It Love? Bill and Jane at a bar
10 0:22:10 Isn't This a Night For Love Bill and Jane talk at a bar
11 0:46:07 Come Easy, Go Easy, Love Bill talks to reporters
12 end title 1:00:16 King Kong March The End