Secrets of the French Police (1932)

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Film Music Structure for Secrets of the French Police

Number Scene Type Time Theme Variant Gesture On-screen
1 opening title sequence 0:00:00 RKO Tower Beeping RKO radio tower
2 0:00:15 Beau Ideal A newspaper is opened to a detective story
3 0:00:30 La Marseillaise The title of the film, superimposed on a newspaper illustration
4 0:00:35 You're In the Army Now The title of the film
5 0:00:38 Drumroll The title of the film
6 0:00:44 Page turn The page turns and the cast list is revealed
7 0:00:46 Romance Cast list
8 0:01:00 La Marseillaise Distressed Cast list
9 funeral 0:02:18 Taps Taps is played at a military funeral
10 advance plot 0:10:24 Valse Lente A man and a flower girl talk in a cafe
11 0:13:09 Berceuse The flower girl talks with her father
12 0:25:25 Russian National Anthem A group of people sing the Russian national anthem
13 end title sequence 0:56:57 Serenade The End and Cast of Characters