Is My Face Red? (1932)

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Film Music Structure for Is My Face Red?

Number Scene Type Time Theme Variant Gesture On-screen
1 opening title sequence 0:00:00 RKO Tower Beeping radio tower
2 0:00:15 You Bunch of Fun Introduction Title and cast list on placards
3 0:00:43 You Bunch of Fun Title and cast list on placards
4 0:01:08 You Bunch of Fun Transition Cast list
5 establish setting 0:01:22 Transition Speeding truck and a door
6 0:01:29 Keyhole Newspaper reads "The Keyhole to the City"
7 0:01:35 Keyhole Gossip Man and woman argue about a newspaper story
8 0:01:58 Cute! Gossip column about a gambler
9 0:02:18 Geraldine Tucker Woman in the hospital
10 0:02:41 Press Club Man serving beer in a bar
11 advance plot 0:10:42 You Bunch of Fun Backstage at a Broadway show
12 0:13:10 Burlesque Backstage at a Broadway show
13 0:13:53 Close to Me William and Peggy talk in a dressing room
14 transition 0:15:08 Steam whistle A steam whistle blows
15 advance plot 0:15:16 Sailing of the Olympic William on the deck of a busy ship
16 0:16:08 I Love Thee Two people embrace
17 0:16:14 Strolling the Deck Argument Camera moves from one window to another
18 0:16:24 Sailing of the Olympic Argument Two people argue
19 0:16:29 Strolling the Deck Camera moves from one window to another
20 0:16:39 Sailing of the Olympic Commotion Four people talk at once to Mildred
21 lovers meet 0:19:03 Mildred Waltz Mildred talks with William
22 transition 0:19:56 Sailing Boat moves through the water
23 0:20:07 Sidewalks of New York Harbor New York City skyline
24 advance plot 0:20:18 Mildred Waltz Mildred has a drink with William
25 transition 0:21:04 Sidewalks of New York Lights New York City skyline
26 advance plot 0:21:09 Mildred Waltz Tipsy Mildred is drunk
27 transition 0:21:30 Sailing 2 Boat cuts through the waves
28 advance plot 0:21:43 Mildred Waltz Mildred talks with William
29 0:22:00 Hurrying Mildred and William hurry off
30 0:22:05 Mildred Waltz Rushing Mildred and William leave
31 transition 0:43:51 Scenes Metropolitaine Montage of activities in the city
32 advance plot 0:44:47 Mildred Waltz Mildred and William ride in a motorboat
33 0:46:54 Comin' Thro' the Rye A man exercises to music on a boat
34 0:47:40 Guilty A radio orchestra plays on a soundstage
35 0:50:25 Trysting Place, The William talks to Peggy and Mildred
36 end title sequence 1:05:05 You Bunch of Fun Serious Cast of Characters / The End