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Film Music Structure for The Breaking Point

Number Scene Type Time Theme Variant Gesture On-screen
2 opening title sequence 0:00:07 Transition Birds flying
3 0:00:25 The Breaking Point Title of the film
4 0:00:48 The Breaking Point Cellos Cast list
5 0:01:08 Calm Ships in a harbor
6 NIF Waves
7 montage 0:07:40 Fishermen Ship leaving the harbor
8 establish setting 0:08:17 Flor de Lis A ship sailing
9 0:08:57 En Mi Canto de Amor A dock at night
10 0:09:56 La Adelita A Mexican village at night
11 0:11:11 Carmen, Carmela Harry talks to Duncan in a bar
12 advance plot 0:12:21 La Golondrina Harry sits down with Leona in the bar
13 0:15:21 Mi Mariposa Harry talks to the bartender
14 0:15:56 Eres Mujer Harry talks to Duncan
15 0:21:43 En Mi Canto de Amor Harry talks to Duncan
16 0:33:28 Make Love With a Guitar Harry arrives home
17 0:39:07 Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone Harry arrives at a bar
18 0:40:46 Ask Me No Questions Harry talks to Duncan
19 0:43:33 On an Ordinary Morning Leona and Harry sit together in a bar
20 0:46:27 Make Love With a Guitar Harry and his wife come home
21 transition 0:54:33 Humming Wesley and Harry work on the boat
22 advance plot 1:00:26 I Guess I’ll Have to Change My Plan Harry in a restaurant
23 1:02:56 You Missed the Boat Duncan talks to Harry in the restaurant
24 1:05:42 Don’t Take Your Love From Me Harry arrives at Leona's apartment
25 transition 1:15:04 First Call Sign for a horse race
26 climax 1:34:41 The Breaking Point Ethereal Harry recognizes Lucy
27 1:35:14 The Breaking Point Cellos Harry talks with Lucy
28 1:35:38 Calm Lucy leaves
29 1:35:50 The Breaking Point Triste Harry is carried out on a stretcher
30 1:36:26 Leona Leona watches
31 1:36:44 Sad Boy Sad orphaned boy looks on