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Film Music Structure for White Heat

Number Scene Type Time Theme Variant Gesture On-screen
1 0:00:00 Signature WB logo
2 0:00:08 Transition Train coming out a tunnel
3 0:00:16 White Heat A Main title over an approaching train
4 0:00:32 White Heat B Cast list and an aerial view of the city
5 0:00:48 White Heat A Maestoso Cast list and an aerial view of the city
6 0:04:54 Steam Man gets burned by steam from train
7 0:05:02 Danger Men leave behind man who was scalded by the steam
8 Underscoring (Mysterious)
9 0:05:27 Cody Gangsters talking about their plans
10 0:06:23 Walk Cody walks across the room
11 0:06:29 Stirs the pot Ma stirs food in the pot
12 0:06:34 Ma Ma cooks dinner
13 0:06:40 Sleeping Cody talks to Verna who slowly wakes up
14 0:06:56 Verna Verna comes out and talks with Cody
15 0:10:49 Storm Gangsters argue during the storm
16 0:11:21 Plotting Con Moto Cody packs up money in suitcase and Verna talks to him
17 0:11:38 Verna Expressivo Cody says that Verna is cute and embraces her
18 funeral 0:12:15 Zuckie Cody talks to Zuckie and tells him he will send a doctor to come help him after they leave
19 0:12:45 Plotting Ma warns Cody of Zuckie talking
20 0:12:57 Cotton's Orders Cody tells Cotton to shoot Zuckie
21 0:13:06 Plotting Ugly Cotton goes back; Ma and Cody talk
22 0:13:32 Zuckie Gangsters assume Zuckie is dead and get in the car
23 0:13:59 Cody Agitato Cody walks to his car
24 0:14:04 Verna Glance Verna exchanges glances with Big Ed
25 0:14:09 Driving Car drives away
26 0:14:17 Morgue Tahoe County Morgue sign
27 0:14:51 Clues Agent asks for fingerprints and a mask of the dead man's face
28 0:15:01 T-Men Maestoso Pan of city then fade to Treasury office door in Los Angeles
29 0:16:28 Clues 2 Agents get clues about the case from Washington
30 0:16:34 The City Pan of the city
31 0:16:46 Speed Close up of sign for Milbanke Motels, then Cody drives quickly into the motel parking lot
32 0:17:09 Mysterioso Cody rushes to the motel
33 0:17:39 Danger Con Moto Cody and Verna arguing
34 0:18:05 Verna Falls Cody kicks Verna and she falls off the chair
35 0:18:49 Agents Marker Agent places a marker on Cody's Ma's car
36 0:18:58 Car horn Agents pull up in a car
37 0:19:03 T-Men Agents gather information about the car
38 0:19:32 Agents Planning Agents plan to follow Cody's Ma
39 0:19:45 Ma Ma walks to her car and drives away
40 0:19:58 Pursuit Chasing Ma Agents pursue Ma in their cars
41 0:21:34 Ma's Escape Trailer pulls out in front of agent's car and Ma escapes
42 0:21:57 Quick Turn Agents make a quick turn
43 0:21:50 Ma Dramatic Ma smiles when the agents are stopped by the trailer
44 0:22:08 Pursuit Ominous Agents pull up at the motel at night
45 0:22:33 Chase The Marker Agents see the marker on the car and realize it is Ma's car
46 0:22:38 Pursuit Agents drive away from motel entrance
47 0:23:25 Danger Cody Shoots Cody pulls a gun out and shoots at the agent
48 0:23:32 Underscoring (Dramatic) They leave the motel quickly and get in the car
49 0:23:46 Escape Gangsters speed away in their car as the agent shoots at them
50 0:24:03 Underscoring (Dramatic) Agents take off after gangsters
51 0:24:11 Speed Frantic Gangsters speed away
52 0:24:23 Agents Pursuit Agents chase gangsters
53 0:24:26 Speed Frantic Gangsters speed away
54 0:24:37 Agents Pursuit Agents chase gangsters
55 0:24:44 Speed Driving Gangsters speed away
56 0:24:50 Pursuit Fleeing Car chase continues
57 0:24:58 Agents Pursuit 2 Car chase continues
58 0:25:03 Speed Driving Criminals drive into a drive-in theater
59 0:29:13 Plotting Triste Verna and Ma walk out of the police station
60 0:29:18 Cody Newpaper headline
61 0:35:05 Underscoring (Dramatic) Judge sentences Jarrett in a courtroom
62 0:35:30 T-Men Courtroom Jarrett is taken off to prison
63 0:37:48 Prison Fight Hank sees Bo Creel and starts a fight to evade detection
64 0:38:03 Punches Hank punches inmate
65 0:40:12 Underscoring (Tense) Cody and other inmates talk to Hank about his wife's photograph
66 0:40:26 T-Men Prison Hank says he doesn't recognize his wife anymore
67 0:40:41 Underscoring (Tense) Hank talks to the inmates
68 0:40:41 Jumps on bed Hank jumps up on his bed
69 0:41:06 Whispering Inmate in another cell whispers into a mirror
70 0:41:34 Walk Inmates talk about Cody's share of his previous robbery
71 0:42:03 Underscoring (Tense) Ma asks for any disagreement from the other gangsters
72 0:42:17 Cody Expressivo Ma talks with the gangsters
73 0:42:32 Underscoring (Tense) Gangsters leave the room
74 0:42:52 Underscoring (Dramatic) Verna and Big Ed argue
75 0:43:41 Verna Verna kisses Big Ed and Ma watches from the window
76 0:44:42 Underscoring (Mysterious) Man sets up trap for Cody
77 0:44:53 Trap Motor slowly moves over Cody's head
78 0:49:34 Ma Restless Cody thinks about Ma's words and confronts Big Ed's friend that tried to kill him
79 0:49:56 Underscoring (Tense) Cody talks to Big Ed's friend
80 0:50:16 Headache Cody's headache comes on strong and he falls to the floor
81 0:51:15 Headache Subsides Hank helps Cody get rid of his headache
82 1:04:01 Underscoring (Dramatic) The prison walls
83 1:04:07 Underscoring (Mysterious) Warden talks with Cody
84 1:04:34 Plotting Meno Inmate tries to give Cody food
85 1:04:43 Straitjacket Inmate loosens Cody's straitjacket
86 1:05:04 Hides gun Inmate gives gun to Cody
87 1:05:23 Danger Dramatic Cody makes his escape with a gun and forces the doctor to make a phone call
88 1:05:40 Underscoring (Tense) Other inmates are gathered to meet with Cody
89 1:06:02 Underscoring (Dramatic) Cody takes control of the prison room and plans his break
90 prison break 1:06:43 Danger Rislouto Cody forces men out at gun point
91 1:07:13 Underscoring (Dramatic) Cody forces men out at gun point
92 Plotting
93 prison break 1:07:19 The Break Cody and men go outside
94 1:07:29 The Break 2 Cody and men get in the car
95 1:07:49 Danger Dramatic Cody and men leave in the car
96 1:08:06 Guard Tower Cody and men arrive at guard tower
97 1:08:17 Prison Gate Cody and men escape through the prison gate in the car
98 1:08:44 Pursuit Chasing Ma Policemen drive and learn of Cody's escape from prison with hostages
99 1:09:13 Cody 2 Cody adjusts his hat in the mirror
100 1:11:01 Five O'Clock Whistle Verna and Big Ed listen to the radio
101 1:13:20 Danger Agitato Verna hears someone moving in the house
102 1:13:51 Underscoring (Tense) Verna sneaks out of her bedroom
103 1:14:09 Plotting Sneaky Verna sneaks down the stairs
104 1:14:13 Underscoring (Tense) Verna looks for a way out
105 1:14:22 Running Verna runs to the window, jumps out and runs away but gets caught by Cody
106 1:14:31 Jumps out window Verna jumps out of the window
107 1:15:59 Underscoring (Dramatic) Verna tells Cody his mother was shot in the back
108 1:16:18 Cody Malevolent Cody forces Verna away at gunpoint
109 1:16:24 Underscoring (Tense) Big Ed prepares for Cody's arrival
110 1:16:51 Underscoring (Mysterious) Cody and Verna enter the house and prepare to trick Big Ed
111 1:18:05 Verna Uneasy Big Ed kisses Verna
112 1:18:41 Big Ed's Death Big Ed sees Cody and tries to escape out of the door before being shot in the back and falling down the stairs
113 1:19:20 Underscoring (Dramatic) Big Ed's body falls down the stairs
114 1:26:39 Underscoring (Mysterious) Hank sneaks out
115 1:26:51 Fight Hank fights with gangster and is caught by Cody
116 1:27:39 T-Men Suspicious Hank lies to Cody about where he was going
117 1:28:30 Verna Longing Cody talks about Verna
118 1:28:38 Ma Agitato Cody talks about his mother
119 1:29:03 Plotting Agitato Cody talks about his family and his past
120 1:29:15 Cody Family Cody talks about his own past with his mom
121 1:29:29 Ma Remembering Cody says he talks to his dead mother
122 1:31:42 Underscoring (Tense) Hank works on a tracking device and attaches it to the truck
123 1:33:58 Underscoring (Tense) Hank goes to the gas station washroom
124 1:34:10 Mirror Hank writes out a quick message on the mirror
125 1:34:25 Underscoring (Tense) Cody asks man to go and get Hank
126 1:34:34 Mirror Hank finishes writing on the mirror and covers up the message with his jacket
127 1:34:49 Message On the Mirror Camera focuses in on the written message on the mirror
128 1:35:51 Bo Creel Bo Creel emerges and we realize trouble is afoot
129 1:36:06 Underscoring (Tense) Bo Creel shuts the truck door on Hank
130 1:36:15 Verna Carefree Cody kisses Verna
131 1:36:22 Danger The gangsters hide in the truck and Bo starts it up
132 1:36:45 Truck starts The truck engine starts
133 1:37:03 Chase Man tells gas station attendant about message
134 1:37:08 Underscoring (Tense) Police dispatcher relates message
135 1:37:17 Pursuit The Chase Policemen follow radio signal in their car
136 1:37:20 Antenna Antenna on top of car
137 1:37:22 Dial Dial inside of car
138 1:37:29 Antenna Antenna on top of car
139 1:37:31 Dial Dial inside of car
140 1:37:33 Antenna Antenna on top of car
141 1:37:36 Tanker Tanker drives down the street
142 1:37:39 Oscillator Radio oscillator under the truck
143 1:37:43 Pursuit Tracking Policemen find the frequency to catch the tanker
144 1:37:45 Dial Dial inside of car
145 1:38:05 T-Men The Office Agents track progress of truck on the map
146 1:38:17 Pursuit Men in car talk on radio
147 1:38:26 Tanker 2 Tanker drives down the street
148 1:38:30 Pursuit Montage Montage of radio equipment; continued pursuit
149 1:38:30 Dial Dial inside of car
150 1:38:35 Antenna Antenna on top of car
151 1:38:41 Agents Quick cuts between radio equipment, agents, treasury men
152 1:39:01 T-Men The Map Agents map coordinates of the tanker's location
153 1:39:10 Tanker 2 Tanker drives down the street
154 1:39:12 Pursuit Dramatic Quick cuts between radio equipment, agents, treasury men
155 1:39:20 Underscoring (Dramatic) Quick cuts between agents and treasury men
156 1:39:35 Agents Conclusive Agents map coordinates of the tanker's location
157 1:39:43 Tanker 3 Tanker pulls up to factory
158 Cody Crafty
159 1:40:15 Gate Factory gate opens and truck enters
160 1:40:42 Underscoring (Tense) Truck pulls in to factory
161 1:40:57 Cody Getting Out Cody emerges from the truck
162 1:41:01 Rushing Gangsters rush into building
163 1:41:16 Oscillator Agents track gangsters in car
164 1:41:22 Underscoring (Dramatic) Agents map coordinates of the tanker's location
165 1:41:31 Chase Agents map coordinates of the tanker's location and find they are in the same location
166 1:41:42 Pursuit Agents talk on the radio
167 Agents Tense
168 1:41:49 Plotting Fast Gangsters enter the building
169 1:42:42 Underscoring (Dramatic) Hank looks out the window
170 1:42:48 Pursuit Police cars rush to location
171 1:43:03 White Heat A Maestoso Police enter the factory
172 1:43:09 Police Raid Bo Creel notices the police entering the building
173 1:43:26 Bo Creel Misterioso Bo Creel tells Cody that Hank is a police man
174 1:46:13 Danger Molto Men crawl around on floor with tear gas
175 1:46:31 Agents Tutti Agents watch men exiting
176 1:46:36 T-Men Escaping Hank escapes
177 1:46:58 Agents Marcato Agents signals to another agent
178 1:47:06 Danger Dramatic Cody sends men out and they are shot by agents
179 1:47:22 Stairs Gangsters climb up the stairs to the roof
180 1:47:28 Gangsters Run Gangsters run along the roof
181 1:47:47 White Heat A Police Raid Police advance on the gangsters
182 shootout 1:48:01 White Heat B Police Raid Shootout between the gangsters and police
183 1:48:07 Gangster gets shot Gangster gets shot and falls down
184 1:48:12 Tanker 2 Brash Agents run up the stairs
185 1:48:17 Agents Climbing Gangsters run up the stairs and agent shoots at them
186 1:48:21 Falls down stairs Gangster is shot and falls down the stairs
187 1:48:30 Agents Running Agents run up the stairs
188 1:48:43 Slides down pole Cody slides down a pole
189 1:48:48 Danger Dramatic Gangsters run away
190 1:49:06 Agents Cops Agents in action
191 1:49:08 Underscoring (Dramatic) Gangsters run away
192 1:49:34 Plotting Gangsters hide
193 1:49:44 Rushing Police advance
194 1:49:55 White Heat A Maestoso Police advance
195 1:50:02 Agents Searching Agents plan their next move
196 1:50:05 Rushing Searchlights pan over the scene looking for Cody
197 1:50:14 Danger Cody talks to his partner Riley
198 1:50:27 Cody Climbing Cody climbs the stairs
199 1:50:41 Plotting Con Moto Cody hides
200 1:50:48 Rushing Riley leaves his hiding place to turn himself in but is shot by Cody
201 1:51:15 Underscoring (Dramatic) Riley hits the ground
202 1:51:30 Cody Mocks Cody shoots at agents and dares them to come up and get him
203 1:51:37 Trap Hank aims at Cody with his rifle
204 1:51:44 Rushing Searchlights look for Cody and agent shoots at him
205 1:52:26 Cody's End Cody shoots a gas valve and flames come rushing out
206 1:53:02 Cody Ending Cody dies in the fire behind The End card