We Are Not Alone (1939)

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Film Music Structure for We Are Not Alone

Number Scene Type Time Theme Variant Gesture On-screen
1 opening title sequence 0:00:00 Signature WB shield
2 0:00:09 Surprise Symphony Foreboding Main title
3 0:00:18 Transition Flipping through book showing main cast
4 0:00:26 Frohe Botschaft Grandioso Flipping through book showing main cast
5 0:00:53 Max Steiner Max Steiner's name
6 establish location 0:01:02 Heart of Oak View of London ("England, 1914")
7 establish character 0:02:20 Surprise Symphony Glissando David rides his bike home
8 0:02:37 Surprise Symphony Theme and Variations David gets off his bike and enters his home
9 0:03:07 Boy runs downstairs Gerald runs down the stairs
10 0:03:13 Appassionato Gerald is scolded by his mother
11 0:03:55 Surprise Symphony Imagination David talks to his son
12 0:04:39 Playful David asks his son to find a cat
13 0:04:52 Boy runs back and forth Gerald runs to the door and back
14 0:04:59 Surprise Symphony Hushed David talks to his son
15 0:05:14 Surprise Symphony Running Off David sends his son outside to find a cat
16 0:06:36 Surprise Symphony Innocent Gerald runs in saying that he caught the cat
17 0:08:10 Doctor David sees Tommy (his patient)
18 0:08:41 Tommy David and Tommy talk about cats
19 0:09:04 Allergic Reaction Tommy has an allergic reaction to the cat
20 0:09:17 Tommy Recovering David tells Tommy he is alleric to cats
21 0:09:34 Tommy Lyrical David gets some medicine for Tommy
22 0:09:49 Surprise Symphony Chromatic Shift David puts the cat outside
23 0:10:01 Jessica Jessica enters the room and rushes David away
24 0:10:16 Surprise Symphony Imagination Jessica rushes David away
25 0:10:56 I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside David visits an injured Leni
26 0:11:24 Surprise Symphony Not Afraid David sets Leni's wrist
27 0:12:01 Surprise Symphony Calm David's treatment is successful
28 NIF Surprise Symphony Not in film NIF
29 0:12:13 I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside Peaceful David's treatment is successful
30 0:12:46 Surprise Symphony Quasi Rubato David treats Leni's leg
31 0:13:10 Surprise Symphony Humbly David treats Leni's leg
32 0:13:40 Tenderness Leni and David get to know one another
33 0:14:05 I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside Tragico Leni realizes that she can't dance anymore
34 0:14:22 Frohe Botschaft Tenderly Leni takes off her wig and Doctor asks if she is German
35 0:14:52 Blue Danube Leni says she is from Austria
36 0:15:00 Surprise Symphony Gute Nacht David says goodnight in German to Leni
37 0:17:34 Surprise Symphony David whistles while helping a patient
38 conflict 0:17:49 I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside Leni has tried to commit suicide
39 advance plot 0:19:59 As You Walk Down the Strand David helps Leni
40 0:20:32 Poor Old Adam Was My Father David talks to Leni by the seaside
41 0:22:35 Surprise Symphony Glissando David rides home on his bike
42 0:22:57 Surprise Symphony Worried David's son is scared of the dark
43 0:23:27 Surprise Symphony Fixing the Lights David tries to fix the lights
44 0:23:40 Surprise Symphony Lighting the House David lights candles in the house
45 0:23:55 Surprise Symphony Better David puts his son in bed
46 0:23:57 Whee! David flips his son upside down playfully
47 0:24:11 Surprise Symphony Death Bed David discusses death with his son
48 0:24:32 Jessica Upset Jessica enters and stops the conversation
49 0:25:02 Surprise Symphony Dolce Gerald asks to go with his father on a trip
50 0:25:12 Frohe Botschaft Ethereal David tells his son about his patient, Leni
51 0:25:36 Surprise Symphony Lullaby David asks his son to help Leni
52 0:25:50 It’s Easy to Be a Lady if You Try Gerald and Leni ride a carousel
53 0:27:56 Tuning David tunes his violin on screen
54 0:28:03 Tuning David tunes his violin on screen
55 0:28:17 Tuning David tunes his violin on screen
56 0:28:31 Tuning David tunes his violin on screen
57 0:29:13 Surprise Symphony David whistles
58 0:29:20 Tuning David tunes his violin on screen
59 0:29:28 Minuet David plays the violin
60 0:29:45 Surprise Symphony David plays the violin
61 0:31:36 I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside Subconscious Jessica says goodnight to David
62 transition 0:31:52 Surprise Symphony Newspaper David sits and whistles
63 0:32:07 Surprise Symphony Galloping David arrives in a carriage
64 advance plot 0:32:51 Frohe Botschaft Viennese Gerald rushes in to see Leni
65 0:33:45 Frolic Leni and Gerald run through the park
66 establish character 0:34:49 Frohe Botschaft Leni plays and sings Frohe Botschaft
67 0:36:41 Frohe Botschaft Leni plays Frohe Botschaft on the piano
68 0:37:12 Piano Banging Gerald bangs on the piano
69 conflict 0:38:09 Frohe Botschaft Drifting Jessica tells Leni she needs to leave
70 0:38:52 Frohe Botschaft Somber Leni says she doesn't need to be paid
71 0:39:33 Surprise Symphony Dark Leni looks around after Jessica leaves
72 advance plot 0:43:23 Captain Gerald Leni listens to Gerald's story
73 0:44:06 Barcarolle Gerald talks about sailing
74 0:44:30 Frohe Botschaft Like a Sigh Leni tells Gerald to not be afraid
75 0:45:10 Jessica Jessica enters the room and interrupts
76 0:45:36 Surprise Symphony Expanded Leni hugs Gerald and tells him goodnight
77 0:45:45 Frohe Botschaft Crying Leni leaves the room crying
78 0:46:40 Tragico Gerald says he is not afraid of his mother any more
79 0:47:06 Surprise Symphony Tragico Jessica gathers clothes for Gerald
80 conflict 0:50:14 Surprise Symphony Turbulent Jessica and David rush off in anger
81 advance plot 0:50:45 Triste David and Leni talk about Gerald
82 0:51:10 Frohe Botschaft Triste David and Leni talk about what to do
83 0:51:52 Surprise Symphony Sneaky David goes to bed while the cook sneaks away
84 0:52:05 Eine kleine Nachtmusik Program for the concert at the party
85 0:52:36 Die Krähe Leni asks David about his work
86 0:54:24 Celebre Romance Leni asks David for a reference
87 0:56:18 Surprise Symphony David whistles on his way to breakfast
88 0:59:20 Tuning David tunes his violin on screen
89 1:00:57 Tuning David tunes his violin on screen
90 1:01:03 Celebre Romance David plays the violin
91 conflict 1:01:40 Celebre Romance Agitato Men outside cheer for the news of the war
92 pivotal scene 1:01:56 Celebre Romance Accompanied Gerald gets into the medicine cabinet
93 conflict 1:02:31 Celebre Romance Agitato B German man is accused of being anti-British
94 pivotal scene 1:02:47 Celebre Romance Accompanied B Gerald accidentally mixes up the contents of two bottles
95 conflict 1:03:40 Underscoring (Dramatic) Jessica takes Gerald outside
96 1:03:56 Underscoring (Tense) A sign in the window says "Germany refuses to yield"
97 1:04:30 Underscoring (Tense) David talks to the crowd
98 1:04:49 Furioso Man throws rock through shop window
99 1:05:00 God Save the King British mobs in the street
100 1:05:03 Rule, Britannia Men attack a German shop
101 1:05:06 God Save the King Angry British mobs in the street
102 1:05:14 Rule, Britannia Throwing Stones Susan throws a rock at the shop
103 1:05:17 Underscoring (Tense) David scolds Susan then leaves
104 1:05:40 Surprise Symphony Window Susan sees Leni and David in the window
105 advance plot 1:09:06 God Save the King Mob sings "God Save the King," joined by Susan
106 NIF Birds NIF
107 NIF Surprise Symphony Dolcissimo NIF
108 NIF Birds Extended NIF
109 advance plot 1:14:16 Surprise Symphony Allegretto David helps Leni buy a ticket
110 conflict 1:14:30 Frohe Botschaft Drifting David gives Leni money for her travels
111 1:15:25 Underscoring (Tense) David is taken away by the police
112 advance plot 1:15:41 La Marseillaise A sign announces the invasion of Paris
113 1:22:12 Frohe Botschaft War Bulletin News bulletins show the progress of the trial
114 courtroom scene; love scene 1:30:55 In Love David realizes that he is in love with Leni
115 advance plot 1:31:42 Surprise Symphony Tense News bulletins show the progress of the trial
116 conflict; courtroom scene 1:33:07 Frohe Botschaft Death Sentence The judge sentences David and Leni to death
117 advance plot 1:36:37 Underscoring (Mysterious) David walks down the prison corridor to see Leni
118 love scene 1:37:12 Celebre Romance Love David and Leni express their love for each other
119 1:37:44 Underscoring (Somber) David and Leni realize that neither of them killed Jessica
120 1:38:10 Execution Leni is sad that they are going to be executed
121 1:38:41 Frohe Botschaft Hopeful David comforts Leni
122 1:39:42 Underscoring (Romantic) David comforts Leni
123 1:39:55 Surprise Symphony Someday David is hopeful
124 1:40:11 Heart Break David and Leni kiss
125 1:40:41 Fainting Leni faints and falls to the ground
126 advance plot 1:40:57 Underscoring (Subtle) Guards come in to check on Leni
127 1:41:10 Surprise Symphony Semplice Guards help Leni
128 1:41:29 Underscoring (Subtle) David walks down the prison corridor
129 1:41:47 Frohe Botschaft Restful David watches Leni sleep
130 1:44:42 Fife and Drums Men suggest telling David's son that he joined the army
131 1:45:21 It’s a Long Long Way to Tipperary David says he does not support killing and war
132 1:46:39 Waiting David asks about his execution
133 1:47:27 Surprise Symphony Acceptance David talks kindly to the prison guards
134 1:48:34 Surprise Symphony Whistling David whistles as he thinks about his execution
135 conclusion 1:49:22 Frohe Botschaft Ghostly Gerald asks Susan about her headaches
136 1:49:48 Surprise Symphony Ghostly Gerald says that Susan has a heart of gold underneath
137 NIF Frohe Botschaft 6th chime NIF
138 1:50:19 Frohe Botschaft Fading Away Susan looks surprised
139 1:50:32 Frohe Botschaft Singing Gerald sings in the tub
140 1:50:50 Surprise Symphony Frohe Botschaft Gerald sings in the tub
141 1:50:50 Frohe Botschaft Surprise Symphony Gerald sings in the tub
142 end title sequence 1:51:01 Frohe Botschaft The End The End
143 1:51:13 Surprise Symphony Closing credits