We Are Not Alone (1939)

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Film Music Structure for We Are Not Alone

Number Scene Type Time Theme Variant Gesture On-screen
1 opening title sequence 0:00:00 Signature WB shield
2 0:00:09 Surprise Symphony Foreboding Main title
3 0:00:18 Transition Book pages showing main cast
4 0:00:26 Frohe Botschaft Grandioso Book pages showing main cast
5 0:00:53 Max Steiner Max Steiner's name
6 establish location 0:01:02 Heart of Oak View of London ("England, 1914")
7 establish character 0:02:20 Surprise Symphony Glissando David rides his bike home
8 0:02:37 Surprise Symphony Theme and Variations David enters his home
9 0:03:07 Boy runs downstairs Gerald runs down the stairs
10 0:03:13 Appassionato Gerald is scolded by his mother
11 0:03:55 Surprise Symphony Imagination David talks to his son
12 0:04:39 Playful David asks his son to find a cat
13 0:04:52 Boy runs back and forth Gerald runs to the door and back
14 0:04:59 Surprise Symphony Hushed David talks to his son
15 0:05:14 Surprise Symphony Hug David hugs his son
16 0:06:36 Surprise Symphony Innocent Gerald runs inside
17 0:08:10 Doctor David sees Tommy (his patient)
18 0:08:41 Tommy David and Tommy talk about cats
19 0:09:04 Allergic Reaction Tommy has an allergic reaction to the cat
20 0:09:17 Tommy Recovering David tells Tommy he is allergic to cats
21 0:09:34 Tommy Lyrical David gets some medicine for Tommy
22 0:09:49 Surprise Symphony Chromatic Shift David puts the cat outside
23 0:10:01 Jessica Jessica enters the room
24 0:10:16 Surprise Symphony Imagination Jessica rushes David away
25 0:10:56 I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside David visits an injured Leni
26 0:11:24 Surprise Symphony Not Afraid David sets Leni's wrist
27 0:12:01 Surprise Symphony Calm David's treatment is successful
28 NIF Surprise Symphony Not in film
29 0:12:13 I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside Peaceful David's treatment is successful
30 0:12:46 Surprise Symphony Quasi Rubato David treats Leni's leg
31 0:13:10 Surprise Symphony Humbly David treats Leni's leg
32 0:13:40 Tenderness David talks to Leni
33 0:14:05 I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside Tragico Leni talks with David
34 0:14:22 Frohe Botschaft Tenderly Leni takes off her wig
35 0:14:52 Blue Danube Leni says she is from Austria
36 0:15:00 Surprise Symphony Gute Nacht David says goodnight in German to Leni
37 0:17:34 Surprise Symphony David whistles while helping a patient
38 conflict 0:17:49 I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside Exterior of a British dance hall
39 advance plot 0:19:59 As You Walk Down the Strand David helps Leni
40 0:20:32 Poor Old Adam Was My Father David talks to Leni by the seaside
41 0:22:35 Surprise Symphony Glissando David rides home on his bike
42 0:22:57 Surprise Symphony Worried David hears Gerald crying
43 0:23:27 Surprise Symphony Fixing the Lights David tries to fix the lights
44 0:23:40 Surprise Symphony Lighting the House David lights candles in the house
45 0:23:55 Surprise Symphony Better David puts his son in bed
46 0:23:57 Whee! David flips his son upside down playfully
47 0:24:11 Surprise Symphony Death Bed David discusses death with his son
48 0:24:32 Jessica Upset Jessica enters and stops the conversation
49 0:25:02 Surprise Symphony Dolce Gerald asks to go with his father on a trip
50 0:25:12 Frohe Botschaft Ethereal David tells his son about his patient, Leni
51 0:25:36 Surprise Symphony Lullaby David asks his son to help Leni
52 0:25:50 It's Easy to Be a Lady if You Try Gerald and Leni ride a carousel
53 0:27:56 Tuning David tunes his violin
54 0:28:03 Tuning David tunes his violin
55 0:28:17 Tuning David tunes his violin
56 0:28:31 Tuning David tunes his violin
57 0:29:13 Surprise Symphony David whistles
58 0:29:20 Tuning David tunes his violin
59 0:29:28 Minuet David plays the violin
60 0:29:45 Surprise Symphony David plays the violin
61 0:31:36 I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside Subconscious Jessica says goodnight to David
62 transition 0:31:52 Surprise Symphony Newspaper David sits and whistles
63 0:32:07 Surprise Symphony Galloping David arrives in a carriage
64 advance plot 0:32:51 Frohe Botschaft Viennese Gerald rushes in to see Leni
65 0:33:45 Frolic Leni and Gerald run through the park
66 establish character 0:34:49 Frohe Botschaft At the Piano Leni plays and sings
67 0:36:41 Frohe Botschaft Leni plays the piano
68 0:37:12 Piano Banging Gerald bangs on the piano
69 conflict 0:38:09 Frohe Botschaft Drifting Jessica tells Leni to leave
70 0:38:52 Frohe Botschaft Somber Leni reacts
71 0:39:33 Surprise Symphony Dark Leni thinks to herself
72 advance plot 0:43:23 Captain Gerald Gerald tells Leni a story
73 0:44:06 Barcarolle Gerald talks about sailing
74 0:44:30 Frohe Botschaft Like a Sigh Leni tells Gerald to not be afraid
75 0:45:10 Jessica Jessica enters the room
76 0:45:36 Surprise Symphony Expanded Leni hugs Gerald
77 0:45:45 Frohe Botschaft Crying Leni kisses Gerald
78 0:46:40 Tragico Gerald faces his mother
79 0:47:06 Surprise Symphony Tragico Jessica gathers clothes for Gerald
80 conflict 0:50:14 Surprise Symphony Turbulent Jessica reacts to David's departure
81 advance plot 0:50:45 Triste David talks to Leni
82 0:51:10 Frohe Botschaft Triste David talks to Leni
83 0:51:52 Surprise Symphony Sneaky David goes to bed
84 0:52:05 Eine kleine Nachtmusik Program for the concert at the party
85 0:52:36 Die Krähe Leni asks David about his work
86 0:54:24 Celebre Romance Leni asks David for a reference
87 0:56:18 Surprise Symphony David whistles on his way to breakfast
88 0:59:20 Tuning David tunes his violin
89 1:00:57 Tuning David tunes his violin
90 1:01:03 Celebre Romance David plays the violin
91 conflict 1:01:40 Celebre Romance Agitato News of the war
92 pivotal scene 1:01:56 Celebre Romance Accompanied Gerald sneaks inside
93 conflict 1:02:31 Agitato Crowd presses forward
94 pivotal scene 1:02:47 Celebre Romance Accompanied B Gerald accidentally mixes up the contents of two bottles
95 conflict 1:03:40 Underscoring (Dramatic) Jessica takes Gerald outside
96 1:03:56 Underscoring (Tense) The crowd outside
97 1:04:49 Furioso Man throws rock through shop window
98 1:05:00 God Save the King Violent British mobs in the street
99 1:05:03 Rule, Britannia Men attack a German shop
100 1:05:06 God Save the King Angry British mobs in the street
101 1:05:14 Rule, Britannia Throwing Stones Susan throws a rock at the shop
102 1:05:17 Underscoring (Tense) David scolds Susan
103 1:05:40 Surprise Symphony Window Susan sees Leni and David in the window
104 advance plot 1:09:06 God Save the King Mob sings "God Save the King" outside
105 NIF Birds
106 NIF Surprise Symphony Dolcissimo
107 NIF Birds Extended
108 advance plot 1:14:16 Surprise Symphony Allegretto David helps Leni buy a ticket
109 conflict 1:14:30 Frohe Botschaft Drifting David gives Leni money for her travels
110 1:15:25 Underscoring (Tense) David is taken away by the police
111 advance plot 1:15:41 La Marseillaise News bulletins in a window
112 NIF Birds
113 advance plot 1:22:12 Frohe Botschaft War Bulletin News bulletins about the trial
114 courtroom scene 1:30:55 In Love David realizes he is in love with Leni
115 advance plot 1:31:42 Surprise Symphony Tense News bulletins about the trial
116 conflict 1:33:07 Frohe Botschaft Death Sentence The judge sentences David and Leni to death
117 advance plot 1:36:37 Underscoring (Mysterious) David walks down a prison corridor
118 love scene 1:37:12 Celebre Romance Love David and Leni express their love for each other
119 1:37:44 Underscoring (Somber) David and Leni talk
120 1:38:10 Execution Leni talks to David
121 1:38:41 Frohe Botschaft Hopeful David comforts Leni
122 1:39:42 Underscoring (Romantic) David comforts Leni
123 1:39:55 Surprise Symphony Someday David is hopeful
124 1:40:11 Heart Break David and Leni kiss
125 1:40:41 Fainting Leni faints
126 advance plot 1:40:57 Underscoring (Subtle) David helps Leni
127 1:41:10 Surprise Symphony Semplice Guards help Leni
128 1:41:29 Underscoring (Subtle) David walks down the prison corridor
129 1:41:47 Frohe Botschaft Restful David watches Leni sleep
130 1:44:42 Fife and Drums David talks with the guards
131 1:45:21 It's a Long Long Way to Tipperary David talks with the guards
132 1:46:39 Waiting David asks about his execution
133 1:47:27 Surprise Symphony Acceptance David talks to the prison guards
134 1:48:34 Surprise Symphony Whistling David whistles as he thinks
135 conclusion 1:49:22 Frohe Botschaft Ghostly Gerald talks to Susan
136 1:49:48 Surprise Symphony Ghostly Gerald talks to Susan
137 NIF Frohe Botschaft 6th chime
138 1:50:19 Frohe Botschaft Fading Away Susan looks surprised
139 1:50:32 Frohe Botschaft Singing Gerald sings in the tub
140 1:50:50 Frohe Botschaft + Surprise Symphony Singing Gerald sings in the tub
141 end title sequence 1:51:01 Frohe Botschaft The End The End
142 1:51:13 Surprise Symphony The End Closing credits