Kid Galahad (1937)

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Film Music Structure for Kid Galahad

Number Scene Type Time Theme Variant Gesture On-screen
1 opening title sequence 0:00:00 Kid Galahad Introduction The WB shield
2 0:00:09 Kid Galahad Title of the film
3 establish character 0:00:41 Boxing poster Boxing poster
4 0:04:26 Swing for Sale Dancing at a party
5 0:06:38 The Ring People at a party
6 0:08:50 Stride Piano Improvisation 1 People at a party
7 0:09:36 The Prizefighter and the Lady Ward helps Louise
8 0:13:24 Stride Piano Improvisation 2 People dance at a party
9 advance plot 0:32:24 City Fanfare Bright lights of the city
10 0:32:31 New York Scene Ward and Louise ride in a taxi
11 0:33:23 The Escape Nick punches man on street
12 0:44:11 Heart's Affair Yearning Ward and Nick leave the farm
13 0:46:47 Kid Galahad Montage Montage of newspaper headlines
14 0:48:47 Yearning Marie speaks with her mother
15 0:49:16 Heart's Affair Marie speaks with her mother
16 0:50:05 The Moon Is in Tears Tonight The Kid Louise looks at her Kid Galahad scrapbook
17 love scene 0:53:05 The Moon Is in Tears Tonight Love's Sorrow Ward professes his love for Marie
18 0:56:59 The Split Up Louise and Nick break up
19 0:57:14 The Moon Is in Tears Tonight Tender Louise thinks of Ward
20 0:57:45 The Split Up Louise says goodbye to Nick
21 0:58:30 Heart's Affair Arriving A newspaper headline
22 0:58:47 Heart's Affair Kiss Ward talks to Marie
23 music scene 1:08:40 The Moon Is in Tears Tonight Louise sings in a night club
24 advance plot 1:10:15 Sand In My Shoes Ward, Marie, and Louise talk in the club
25 1:12:08 Green Lady Ward, Marie, and Louise talk in the club
26 1:15:33 Doublecross Nick reads a newspaper headline
27 1:15:53 Heart's Affair Trouble Ward talks to Marie at the farm
28 1:16:02 Doublecross Heated Nick arrives at the farm
29 1:17:24 Doublecross Entanglements Nick falls to the ground
30 climax 1:18:47 Kid Galahad Montage 2 Newspaper headline montage
31 1:38:49 Underscoring (Tender) Nick lies dying on a table
32 1:39:15 Kid Galahad Tender Nick speaks his final words
33 end title sequence 1:41:09 Kid Galahad End Title End cast