The Life of Vergie Winters (1934)

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Film Music Structure for The Life of Vergie Winters

Number Scene Type Time Theme Variant Gesture On-screen
1 opening title sequence 0:00:00 RKO Tower Beeping RKO radio tower
2 0:00:09 Lullaby Starring cast list
3 funeral 0:01:12 Funeral March A funeral march
4 0:02:32 Lullaby + Funeral March Vergie in her jail cell
5 establish setting 0:03:31 London Bridge is Falling Down Children dancing in a circle
6 0:03:37 Yankee Doodle Children playing
7 0:03:43 Kuckuck, Kuckuck An old car drives by
8 0:03:48 Everybody's Doing It Now Horses and buggies in a small town street
9 establish character 0:04:07 Lullaby Slowly Vergie working in a shop window
10 advance plot 0:12:17 There'll Be a Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight People rallying for John Shadwell
11 0:13:48 For He's a Jolly Good Fellow Political rally for John Shadwell
12 0:17:47 Oh! You Beautiful Doll People in a bar
13 0:27:51 Lullaby Hospital Scene The sign for a hospital
14 montage 0:28:39 Watch on the Rhine Headlines Montage of newspaper headlines
15 0:28:45 Rule, Britannia! + La Marseillaise Headlines + Headlines Montage of newspaper headlines
16 0:28:48 La Marseillaise Montage of newspaper headlines
17 advance plot 0:28:55 Ida (Sweet As Apple Cider) People in a bar
18 0:30:32 Semper Fidelis A march is played outside
19 love scene 0:32:18 Lullaby Not in Score Vergie and John look at a baby picture
20 advance plot 0:36:28 Lullaby Park Nurse and baby in the park
21 0:40:06 Darktown Strutters' Ball Sadie and Mike in a bar
22 montage 0:45:45 Lullaby Military Band Newspaper montage
23 0:45:52 Over There Military Band Newspaper montage
24 0:46:01 Stars and Stripes Forever Military Band Newspaper montage
25 0:46:04 Stars and Stripes Forever Allegro Newspaper montage
26 advance plot 0:50:31 Lullaby Joan Joan enters Vergie's shop
27 0:51:06 Underscoring (Gentle) Joan talks with Vergie
28 0:51:39 Lullaby Delicato Joan talks with Vergie
29 0:51:52 Underscoring (Gentle) Vergie gives Joan a fan
30 0:52:06 Lullaby Solo Violin Vergie gets a ribbon for Joan
31 0:52:30 Lullaby Strings Vergie puts a ribbon in Joan's hair
32 love scene 0:53:43 Lullaby Sentimental Vergie talks with John by the lake
33 0:53:59 Lullaby Flowing John talks with Vergie by the lake
34 0:54:14 Lullaby Somber Vergie listens to John
35 0:54:24 Lullaby Quasi Appassionato John expresses his love for Vergie
36 0:54:53 Lullaby Poco Con Moto Joan and Vergie talk about the future
37 1:00:07 Old Lavender Joan and Ranny talk
38 1:00:46 Here Comes the Bride Joan and Ranny talk about marriage
39 conflict 1:00:58 Lullaby Clarinet Solo John and Laura talk about Joan
40 1:01:27 Lullaby Agitated John and Laura argue about Joan
41 1:02:11 Old Lavender Joan and Ranny enter
42 1:02:43 Old Lavender Celeste Solo John paces around
43 1:02:52 Underscoring (Lyrical) Laura reveals that Joan is adopted
44 1:03:02 Lullaby Adagio Joan reacts
45 1:03:33 Lullaby Harp Solo John tells Joan about her parents
46 1:04:31 Old Lavender Allegretto Ranny reacts to the revelation
47 1:04:45 Old Lavender Gentle Ranny takes the ring back from Joan
48 1:05:05 Here Comes the Bride Slow Ranny re-proposes to Joan
49 1:05:11 Lullaby Dolcissimo Joan talks to Laura
50 1:05:26 Old Lavender Ethereal Ranny talks to Joan's parents
51 1:05:45 Lullaby Tender Ranny leaves with Joan
52 1:05:58 Lullaby Doloroso John talks with his wife Laura
53 advance plot 1:07:00 A Boy and a Girl John and Vergie listen to the radio
54 1:08:00 Lullaby Dolce Vergie talks with John
55 1:08:38 Lullaby Cello Solo Vergie talks with John
56 1:09:39 Lullaby Passionate John and Vergie embrace
57 wedding 1:10:07 Lullaby + Here Comes the Bride Vergie imagines the wedding
58 transition 1:17:11 Lullaby Dark Newspaper headline about John's murder
59 funeral 1:17:18 Funeral March John's funeral procession
60 1:18:06 Lullaby + Funeral March Ending + Ending Vergie in her jail cell
61 montage 1:18:34 Lullaby Allegro Newspaper headline
62 resolution 1:19:04 Lullaby Very Ethereal Vergie exits the prison
63 1:21:03 Lullaby Resolution Joan talks about her mother
64 NIF Lullaby Resolution Not in Film