Mildred Pierce (1945)

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Film Music Structure for Mildred Pierce

Number Scene Type Time Theme Variant Gesture On-screen
1 opening title sequence 0:00:00 Signature WB shield and wave effect
2 0:00:10 Transition Starring list and wave effect
3 0:00:23 Mildred Main title, cast list, and wave effect
4 0:00:52 Mildred B Cast list and wave effect
5 0:01:23 Mildred Cast list and wave effect
6 establish setting 0:01:37 Mildred Somber A house on the beach
7 murder scene 0:01:50 Monte is shot Monte is shot
8 0:01:59 Mildred Murder Bullet holes in the mirror
9 establish character 0:02:15 Mildred Pier Santa Monica pier at night
10 0:02:42 Mildred Tragic Mildred walks out onto the dock
11 0:03:15 Waves rumbling Policeman convinces Mildred not to jump
12 0:03:59 You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby Wally sees Mildred from the window
13 action scene 0:08:53 Underscoring (Dramatic) Wally looks for Mildred
14 0:08:53 Wally tries to open door Wally tries to open the door
15 0:09:28 Wally goes upstairs Wally ascends the spiral staircase
16 0:09:59 Wally knocks on the door Wally knocks on a door
17 0:10:03 Lamp falls Wally knocks over a lamp
18 0:10:06 Murdered Man Wally discovers the body
19 0:10:16 Phone rings Phone rings
20 0:10:21 Underscoring (Dramatic) Wally reacts to the situation
21 0:10:21 Wally stands up and walks Wally stands up to go to the phone
22 0:10:32 Wally walks Wally hurriedly walks away
23 0:10:37 Wally sneaks Wally sneaks down the hall
24 0:10:47 Breaks door with chair Wally smashes a glass door with a chair
25 0:10:49 Glass falls The glass door breaks
26 0:11:01 Wally runs Wally runs out of the house
27 0:11:08 Cops walk The cops walk down the hill
28 0:11:12 Opens coat Policeman opens Wally's coat to frisk him
29 0:11:13 Underscoring (Tense) Policemen investigate the scene
30 advance plot 0:12:06 Mildred Sehr Dramatic Mildred arrives home
31 0:12:43 Mildred Ominous The detectives talk to Mildred
32 0:13:03 Underscoring (Tense) Mildred leaves with the detectives
33 0:13:35 Hall of Justice The Los Angeles Hall of Justice
34 0:14:11 Mildred sits Mildred sits down
35 0:16:07 Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes Cop whistles to himself
36 establish character 0:20:16 Flashback starts Flashback to the past
37 0:20:18 Bert Bert comes home
38 0:24:26 Bert Triste Bert and Mildred separate
39 0:25:03 Kay and Veda Kay plays football in the street
40 0:25:12 Kay falls Kay falls to the ground
41 0:25:13 Kay and Veda Going Home Veda leads Kay home
42 0:25:25 Kay and Veda Skipping Kay skips on her way home
43 0:25:37 Kay and Veda Sentimental Veda and Kay see their father leaving
44 advance plot 0:26:39 Waltz Brillante Veda plays the piano
45 0:27:21 Waltz Brillante Veda plays the piano
46 0:28:13 Kay and Veda Ashamed Mildred overhears Veda complaining about her new dress
47 0:28:20 Mildred Lonely Mildred looks through her desk
48 0:28:43 Mildred Tense Mildred goes to open the door
49 0:32:04 Mildred Delicate Mildred walks up the stairs
50 0:32:13 Kay and Veda Dolce Mildred and Veda talk about Kay
51 0:32:32 Kay and Veda Coy Veda talks to her mother
52 0:32:38 Mildred Waltz Fantasy Veda fantasizes about her mother marrying Wally
53 0:32:58 Mildred Dark Mildred scolds Veda
54 0:33:08 Kay and Veda Deception Veda lies to her mother
55 0:33:23 Mildred Risoluto Mildred resolves to give her daughter nice things
56 0:33:37 Kay and Veda Dolce Foxtrot Mildred puts Veda to bed
57 montage 0:34:05 Mildred Desperate Mildred looks for a job
58 0:36:12 Work Mildred works as a waitress
59 0:36:42 Mildred Hopeful Mildred bakes some pies
60 advance plot 0:36:57 The Maid Mildred's maid in the kitchen
61 montage 0:37:17 Work Singing Lesson Veda sings
62 0:37:25 Ballet Lesson Kay dances
63 music scene 0:37:36 South American Way Veda sings and plays while Kay dances
64 conflict 0:38:47 Mazurka in B-Flat Major Tense Veda plays a Chopin Mazurka
65 0:39:10 Secret Revealed Mildred argues with Veda
66 0:39:22 Mildred Appassionato Mildred argues with Veda
67 0:39:22 Mildred raises Veda Mildred lifts her daughter up by the arm
68 0:39:30 Mildred B Angry Mildred argues with Veda
69 0:39:37 Mildred Regretful Mildred regrets slapping Veda
70 0:40:09 Kay and Veda Hopeful Veda asks if they are going to be rich
71 NIF Kay and Veda Troubled
72 NIF Mildred Not in Film
73 NIF Mazurka in B-Flat Major + Mildred
74 NIF Allegretto
75 transition 0:42:35 Work Excited Mildred and Wally leave
76 0:42:49 Beach House Mildred and Wally drive up to the beach house
77 0:42:58 Walking Mildred and Wally walk to the house
78 0:48:03 Bert Sentimentale Mildred watches her children leave
79 0:48:16 Work Molto Grazioso Mildred works at her restaurant
80 falling in love scene 0:49:40 First Kiss Monte steals a kiss from Mildred
81 0:49:48 Walking Driving to the beach house
82 0:49:57 Opens closet Mildred slides open a door
83 0:50:47 Disrobes Monte takes off Mildred's robe
84 0:50:49 Bathing Suit Monte looks at Mildred in her bathing suit
85 0:51:01 Mildred Frolicking Mildred runs to the beach
86 0:51:05 Frolicking in the Surf Monte and Mildred run to the water
87 0:51:11 Waves Waves crash onto the beach
88 love scene 0:51:16 It Can't Be Wrong Monte plays a record for Mildred
89 death scene 0:54:01 Kay and Veda Misterioso Bert tells Mildred that Kay is sick
90 0:54:14 Bert Dark Bert and Mildred rush off to see Kay
91 0:54:25 Pneumonia A doctor works on Kay
92 0:55:05 Kay and Veda Dying Kay's family waits and watches
93 0:55:24 Pneumonia Dying Kay passes away
94 0:56:07 Mildred Mourning Mildred mourns Kay's death
95 0:56:34 Kay and Veda Tenderly Veda and Mildred mourn for Kay
96 advance plot 0:57:26 Work Grand Opening View of Mildred's restaurant
97 0:57:37 T'Ain't No Good Mildred at the opening of her restaurant
98 0:59:47 While You're Away Monte arrives at the restaurant
99 1:01:42 Work Success People work in Mildred's restaurant
100 1:01:45 Order wheel spins Restaurant order wheel spins
101 dance scene 1:01:54 Please Think of Me Monte dances with Veda
102 advance plot 1:03:41 Mildred Sorrow Monte asks about Kay
103 1:04:11 It Can't Be Wrong Romantic Monte kisses Mildred
104 1:04:30 It Can't Be Wrong Troubled Bert interrupts Mildred and Monte's kiss
105 1:04:43 Bert Regretful Bert tells Mildred about the divorce
106 1:05:35 Breaks glass Bert slaps the glass out of Monte's hand
107 1:05:36 It Can't Be Wrong Uneasy Bert stares angrily at Monte
108 1:05:49 Flashback ends Screen wipe back to the present day
109 1:07:59 Flashback starts 2 Flashback to the past
110 montage 1:08:00 Work Montage of restaurants
111 1:08:09 Mildred Sweepingly Mildred greets customers
112 1:08:14 French One-Step Veda at a polo match
113 advance plot 1:08:28 How Sweet You Are Veda dances at a club
114 1:09:27 Kay and Veda Subtle bill; photograph; gun
115 1:13:21 Kay and Veda Excited Veda drives away in her new car
116 conflict 1:13:55 Kay and Veda Sly Mildred tells Monte to not see Veda
117 1:14:06 Kay and Veda Troubled Mildred and Monte argue
118 1:14:37 Mildred Agitato Mildred and Monte argue
119 1:14:53 Underscoring (Tense) Mildred and Monte argue
120 1:15:29 It Can't Be Wrong Bitter Mildred writes Monte a check
121 1:15:59 Closes blinds Mildred closes the blinds
122 NIF It Can't Be Wrong Not in Film
123 advance plot 1:16:01 You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby Wally and Veda in a restaurant
124 conflict 1:18:21 Mildred Angry Mildred walks out of an argument
125 1:18:34 Underscoring (Tense) Veda tells her mother she is married
126 1:18:59 Secret Revealed Veda talks to her mother
127 1:19:11 Kay and Veda Coy Veda talks to her mother
128 1:19:18 Mildred Waltz Fantasy Mildred talks to Veda
129 1:19:37 Mildred Tenderly Wally talks about a settlement
130 1:21:34 Kay and Veda Troubled 2 Veda looks at the divorce settlement check
131 1:22:22 Kay and Veda Agitato Veda and her mother argue
132 1:22:43 Kay and Veda Ominous Veda argues with her mother
133 1:23:00 Mildred Appassionato Veda expresses her disgust with her mother
134 1:23:09 Mildred B Angry 2 Mildred gets angry at Veda
135 1:23:21 Mildred Vicious Veda insults her mother
136 1:23:38 Mildred B Angry Mildred tears up Veda's check
137 1:23:44 Stunned Reaction Mildred is stunned after Veda slaps her
138 1:24:04 Runs upstairs Veda runs up the stairs
139 1:24:04 Mildred Tragic Veda watches her daughter leave
140 transition 1:24:15 Rushing train A rushing train
141 advance plot 1:27:46 Oceana Roll Veda sings at a restaurant
142 1:29:05 Sweet Georgia Brown Mildred confronts Wally
143 1:30:25 It Had to Be You Mildred and Veda talk
144 montage 1:34:44 Work Montage Montage of Mildred and Monte's marriage
145 1:35:44 Glasses clink Mildred and Monte clink glasses together
146 advance plot 1:37:06 Bert Somber Bert talks with Mildred in her new house
147 1:38:02 Mildred stands and walks to window Mildred stands up and goes to the window
148 1:38:10 Kay and Veda Returning Home Mildred looks at Veda through the window
149 1:38:50 Mildred Happy Homecoming Mildred and her daughter embrace
150 1:39:33 Bert Tenderly Mildred thanks Bert
151 1:39:47 Kay and Veda Allegretto Grazioso Monte is happy to see Veda
152 turning point 1:42:42 It Can't Be Wrong Molto Misterioso Mildred learns that Monte has betrayed her
153 1:43:19 Mildred Mad Mildred makes a phone call
154 1:43:38 Hopes Crushed Mildred realizes Monte has left her
155 transition 1:43:57 Mildred Revenge Mildred drives to the beach house
156 interrogation 1:44:37 Kay and Veda Coy 2 Veda is brought in by the police
157 1:44:53 Mildred Waltz Fantasy Mildred tells Veda not to confess
158 1:45:09 Mildred Dark Mildred realizes that she cannot save Veda
159 climax 1:45:20 Mildred B Twist Mildred walks into the beach house
160 1:45:25 Mildred Ominous Mildred walks downstairs
161 1:45:37 Secret Revealed Mildred finds Veda and Monte together
162 1:46:05 Kay and Veda Agitato Veda reveals that she is in love with Monte
163 1:46:22 Kay and Veda Very Slow Mildred reacts to Veda's betrayal
164 1:46:43 Mildred Tragic Mildred runs away
165 1:47:11 Mildred Breakdown Mildred tries to start her car
166 murder scene 1:47:28 Monte is shot 2 Monte is shot
167 1:47:42 Kay and Veda Ominous Mildred rushes in to check on Veda
168 1:48:06 Mildred B Angry Veda confesses to Mildred
169 1:48:22 Kay and Veda Troubled Veda pleads for help to escape
170 1:48:41 Mildred Ominous Mildred calls the police
171 1:48:54 Underscoring (Tense) Veda asks her mother not to turn her in
172 1:49:17 Kay and Veda Returning Home 2 Veda convinces her mother to not report her
173 resolution 1:49:37 Kay and Veda Triste Veda is led out by the police
174 1:50:07 Mildred The End Mildred leaves with Bert