Lightning Strikes Twice (1951) [IN PROCESS - Information may be incomplete or contain inaccuracies]

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Film Music Structure for Lightning Strikes Twice

Number Scene Type Time Theme Variant Gesture On-screen
1 0:00:00 Signature WB shield
2 0:00:07 Transition Starring list and lightning strikes
3 0:00:26 Lightning 1 Title card, cast list and prison
4 0:00:41 Lightning 2 Title card, cast list and prison
5 0:01:02 Lightning 3 Title card, cast list and prison
6 0:01:23 Menace Death House Priest goes to see the sentenced prisoner
7 0:02:55 Liza Trevelyan goes back to his cell
8 0:03:08 News Office Newspaper headlines: one of Trevelyan innocent and the other of Trevelyan guilty
9 0:03:24 Menace Stingers Newspaper editor speaks on the phone about the trial
10 0:07:18 Trev Man and woman talk about finding Trev
11 0:07:42 Shelly Shelly wakes up
12 0:10:13 Shelly Traveling 1 Shelly drives through desert
13 0:17:50 Menace Somber Trev reveals who he is to Shelly
14 0:18:19 Trev Misterioso Trev hands a candle to Shelly
15 0:18:30 Shelly Concerned Shelly goes to a room to sleep
16 0:18:41 Shelly Lonely Shelly gets ready for bed
17 0:18:48 Shelly 2 Shelly gets ready for bed
18 0:19:14 Shelly Misterioso Shelly gets ready for bed
19 0:19:35 Blows out candle Shelly blows out a candle
20 0:19:42 Underscoring (Tense) Trev puts a coat on Shelly as she is laying down
21 0:20:20 Shelly 3 Shelly sleeps and wakes up in the morning
22 0:23:31 Shelly 3 Promise Shelly promises to not say that she met Trev
23 0:23:40 Shelly Traveling 2 Shelly travels to Tumblewood Ranch
24 0:24:34 Shelly 2 Dolce Shelly walks around Tumblewood Ranch
25 0:32:51 String Boy stands up and cries about Trev
26 Menace String
27 0:33:25 Father Paul Dark Concerned looks between the people at the table
28 0:33:40 Chiapanecas Shelly and priest talk
29 flashback 0:35:13 Father Paul Flashback Flashback of priest telling the story of his encounter with Trev
30 0:35:50 Mournful Flashback of priest telling the story of his encounter with Trev and his wife's death
31 0:38:59 Trev Appassionato Trev enters the store and everyone notices him
32 0:39:51 Trev + Shelly Shelly watches as Trev leaves the store
33 0:39:58 Shelly Running Shelly looks for Trev then walks off with Liza
34 0:40:26 Trev Ethereal Shelly and Liza look in the glass shop windows
35 0:40:52 Shelly Gallop 1 Shelly riding on a horse
36 0:41:00 Shelly Dolce Shelly walks over to meet with Pedro
37 0:41:54 Shelly 3 Tenderly Pedro learns Shelly is friends with Trev and helps her find him
38 0:42:19 Shelly Gallop 2 Shelly gallops out to where Trev is
39 0:42:32 Shelly Western Shelly dismounts her horse and goes to find Trev
40 0:42:50 Trev Vertigo Shelly slips on a rock and almost falls
41 0:42:57 Underscoring (Tense) Shelly speaks with Trev while she gets her footing
42 0:43:13 Shelly Courageous Shelly speaks with Trev
43 0:43:44 Shelly 2 Helpful Shelly speaks with Trev
44 0:44:07 Shelly Aspiring Shelly tells Trev she believes he is innocent
45 0:44:51 Underscoring (Tense) Trev questions Shelly about her belief in him
46 0:45:08 Shelly 3 Taken Aback Trev wants his case kept closed
47 0:45:23 Shelly Menacing Trev alludes that he could kill Shelly
48 0:45:51 Shelly Romantic Shelly says that she can prove Trev didn't kill his wife
49 0:46:03 Trev Stumbling Shelly starts back along path
50 0:46:09 Rock falls A rock falls on the path
51 0:46:12 Underscoring (Tense) Shelly is scared and can't move
52 0:46:33 Trev Heroic Trev climbs to help Shelly
53 0:47:16 Trev + Shelly Trev helps Shelly climb to safety
54 0:47:28 Shelly Tense Trev helps Shelly climb to safety
55 0:47:42 Rescue Trev helps Shelly climb to safety
56 0:47:56 Shelly 3 Love Trev and Shelly kiss, then she continues on alone
57 0:48:29 Shelly Packing Up Shelly packs her bags
58 0:50:38 Menace Dark Shelly leaves the ranch house and goes to the car
59 0:51:09 Shelly Traveling 2 Shelly drives away from the Tumble Moon ranch
60 0:51:36 Shelly 2 Dolce Shelly arrives at the Nolan ranch
61 0:51:58 Underscoring (Tense) Shelly talks with the Nolan's butler
62 0:52:14 Shelly 3 Somber Shelly sees Trev's portrait on the wall
63 0:56:48 Underneath a Western Sky Shelly and Myra talk at an outdoor dinner
64 0:59:02 Too Much Love Shelly looks at Trev's portrait
65 1:00:08 Mi Caballero Shelly and Harvey dance at the party
66 1:02:38 Underscoring (Tense) Harvey drives Shelly to his guest cottage and alludes to doing her harm
67 1:03:05 Shelly Worried Shelly gets out of the car
68 1:03:21 Stumbles Shelly stumbles and Harvey jerks her back up
69 1:03:34 Shelly Anxious Shelly runs away and into Trev
70 1:05:10 Emotion Shelly cries
71 1:05:38 Prison Trev tells Shelly of a recurring dream
72 1:05:54 Menace Prison Trev tells Shelly of how she brought him peace
73 1:06:09 Trev Love Trev tells Shelly that he is in love with her
74 1:06:50 Shelly 3 Tenderly Trev and Shelly embrace and kiss
75 1:07:09 Shelly 3 Excited Trev and Shelly kiss in the car then get out to
76 1:07:22 Shelly 3 Tranquillo Trev and Shelly talk outside the ranch
77 1:07:58 Shelly Expressivo Trev and Shelly kiss
78 1:09:40 Shelly 3 Tense Shelly and Myra talk
79 1:10:03 Concern Shelly learns that Liza loves Trev
80 wedding 1:10:24 Ave Maria Shelly and Trev get married
81 1:11:53 El Pregon de Santiago Johnny plays the guitar and sings
82 1:12:40 La Paloma Johnny sings briefly
83 1:16:03 Underscoring (Tense) Shelly is concerned that she can't get out
84 1:16:03 Pulls doorknob The doorknob comes off in Shelly's hand
85 1:16:15 Mournful Uneasy Trev comes out and talks with Shelly
86 1:16:52 Shelly 3 Meno Shelly's concerns are alleviated
87 1:17:01 Shelly Grazioso Shelly talks about her acting history and mentions that she got tired of getting murdered every night
88 1:17:15 Underscoring (Somber) Trev's eyes go wild as she mentions murder
89 1:17:31 Shelly 3 Tenderly Trev says that they are going to have to forget their past
90 1:17:51 Shelly 3 Shelly gets ready for bed
91 1:18:00 Menace Brooding Shelly begins to remember things people have said about Trev
92 1:18:16 Mournful Shelly worries for her life
93 1:18:21 Menace Sinister It looks like Trev is going to attack Shelly
94 1:18:41 Mournful Scared Spider crawls across the bed while Trev tries to kill it; Trev tries to calm Shelly
95 1:18:52 Shelly Afraid Shelly says she is afraid of Trev
96 1:19:02 Fear Shelly flees from Trev in fear
97 1:19:17 Shelly Fleeing Shelly flees from Trev as he tries to open the door
98 1:19:32 Shelly Escaping Shelly runs to the car and drives away
99 1:19:41 Shelly Leaving Trev sees Shelly drive away
100 1:19:48 Menace Trev calls Harvey
101 Father Paul Ominous
102 1:21:26 String Angry String gets angy when he learns that Liza killed Trev's first wife
103 1:21:41 Menace String String and Liza talk
104 1:21:51 Underscoring (Tense) String and Liza decide to escape
105 1:22:09 Liza Lost Love Liza in a daze
106 1:22:19 Trev Dazed Liza in a daze
107 1:22:36 Menace Worried Liza wanders through the house
108 1:22:56 Menace Frantic Shelly arrives at Liza's house
109 1:26:36 Trev Revenge Trev learns that Harvey has betrayed him
110 1:26:47 Trev Runs 1 Trev runs after Liza
111 1:26:51 Escape Liza tries to escape
112 1:27:01 Trev Runs 2 Trev runs after Liza
113 1:27:08 Escape Getaway Liza escapes
114 1:27:42 Menace Chase 1 Liza and String are chased by a motorcycle cop
115 1:28:18 Menace Chase 2 They speed down a dangerous winding mountain road
116 1:28:30 Car Crash The car crashes through a fence and rolls down the hill
117 1:28:41 Jalopy Run down jalopy slowly drives down the road
118 1:28:48 Aftermath Man looks at broken fence and sees scene of accident
119 1:29:00 Father Paul Triste Shelly and Myra wait for the news of Liza's death
120 resolution 1:29:20 Liza Aftermath Priest says the mystery of the crime is all clear now
121 1:29:33 Shelly 3 Triumph Trev and Shelly drive away together
122 1:30:00 Shelly The End Trev and Shelly drive away together