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The Informer (1935)

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Theme name: The Rose of Tralee
Composer: Unknown
Start time: 0:02:54
End time: 0:04:21
Total duration: 0:01:27
Page #: 10
Measure #: 44
Scene: Reel 1
Key: Eb
Meter: 3/4
Tempo (bpm): 120
Marking: Molto Modto
Solo Instrument: male voice, violin

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Description: A young man on-screen sings the Irish folk song, "Rose of Tralee," accompanied by an on-screen violinist; starting on measure 69, Steiner annotates a "muffled street drum" as the soldiers march down the street
On-screen: Man sings an Irish folk song by a lamp post
Music annotations: [m. 44] start; [m. 49] pp; [m. 56] pp / same effect as before; [m. 71] conture ad lib with pictures (watch soldiers steps)
Film annotations: [m. 44] The street singer / Pale moon was rising etc; [m. 49] Wind blows paper; [m. 69] Soldiers enter (search singer etc.)
Orchestration annotations: [m. 69] muffled street drum

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