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The Informer (1935)

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Theme names: The Informer + Blood Money
Variant names: The Informer (Burning Poster) + Blood Money
Start time: 0:32:03
End time: 0:32:54
Total duration: 0:00:51
Page #: 42
Measure #: 8
Scene: Reel IV Part 2
Key: OCT1
Meter: 4/4
Tempo (bpm): 58
Marking: Slow
Instrumentation: orchestra

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Description: Ominous version of Gypo's theme; ends with a high tone cluster in the winds and strings, coinciding with the burning of Frankie's reward poster in the fireplace; this high tone cluster continues until the poster is completely burned, creating tension as they watch it burn; a statement of the blood motif is added in the lower register; the cluster ends with an upward harp gesture that mickey-mouses the poster flying up the chimney
On-screen: Gypo in rebel headquarters
Music annotations: [m. 8] mf; [m. 11] sf; [m. 12] sf / poco rall; [m. 14] a tempo
Film annotations: [m. 8] Bartley enters; [m. 10] Gypo enters / Dan picks poster up; [m. 11] Drops poster in fire; [m. 14] Bartley looks at Gypo
Orchestration annotations: [m. 8] W.W., trbs, horns; [m. 10] celli + bassoon; [m. 12] harp (down) / W.W.; [m. 13] harp
Analysis: The three ascending statements of Gypo's theme are successive inversions of a diminished seventh (within an octatonic collection); the ascending scale at the end is an octatonic scale

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