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Illegal (1955) [IN PROCESS - Information may be incomplete or contain inaccuracies]

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Theme name: Victim
Start time: 0:00:25
End time: 0:00:40
Total duration: 0:00:15
Page #: 3
Measure #: 12
Scene: Main Title
Marking: Faster
Description: Light and cheery sounding string idea with playful syncopation; at 0:31 a sinister, low drone enters, at the same time a shadow appears on the wall behind the girl; a gun is drawn, she screams, and she is murdered; the playful theme continues over the drone, but is darkened by the drone; the melody ends on FI/#4 (tense); music cuts out with gun shots
On-screen: Woman (Gloria) brushes her hair then realizes a man is there who then shoots her
Music annotations: [m. 18] molto rit / sffz; [m. 19A] f
Film annotations: [m. 17] Shadow
Orchestration annotations: [m. 12] vlns, vla ( + celeste) / celli / hrp, bassi; [m. 13] harp; [m. 15] + hrp; [m. 16] vlns / cel, flt, ob / vla, celli, hrp; [m. 17] + trpts, trmb (flutter) / gong / bassi, tuba; [m. 18] (col 8va); [m. 19A] vla, C.B., b'ns, hns / trmb, tuba

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