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I Was a Communist for the FBI (1951) [IN PROCESS - Information may be incomplete or contain inaccuracies]

Home > Film: I Was a Communist for the FBI > Theme: Undercover Agent > Variant: Lost Letter > Instance: 0:38:32

Theme name: Undercover Agent
Variant name: Lost Letter
Start time: 0:38:32
End time: 0:38:46
Total duration: 0:00:14
Page #: 18
Measure #: 8
Scene: Reel 4 Part 1
Meter: 4/4
Description: Dramatic stinger followed by fast pizzicato over tense tremolos, creating tension; quick ascending gestures as he realizes that he has lost his letter and must take action to get it back
On-screen: Matt notices that he has lost his letter
Music annotations: [m. 8] Agitato/ molto misterioso/ very little- transparent!;
Film annotations: [m. 8] Reacts; [m. 16] Coat;

letter | lost | tense