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Are These Our Children? (1931)

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Theme name: Hey! Hey!
Start time: 0:50:14
End time: 0:50:51
Total duration: 0:00:37
Page #: 40
Measure #: 1
Scene: Hey Hey
Key: Bb
Meter: 2/2
Tempo (bpm): 120
Instrumentation: dance band

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Description: Eddie and Flo dance wildly to the song "Hey! Hey!" (written by Max Steiner) accompanied by a live dance orchestra; we see the tuba on-screen; ends with applause
On-screen: Eddie and Flo dance
Music annotations: [m. 2] hey hey; [m. 7] hey hey; [m. 9] hey hey; [m. 12] hey hey; [m. 16] hey hey; [m. 17] hey hey; [m. 24] hey hey; [m. 25] hey hey
Orchestration annotations: [m. 25] cymbal
Analysis: Played a whole step lower than notated in the sketch; the on-screen band improvises a different coda to the tune; the tune has an AABA structure and includes augmented sixths and a sharp-5 altered dominant

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