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Hell on Frisco Bay (1955) [IN PROCESS - Information may be incomplete or contain inaccuracies]

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Theme name: Menace
Start time: 1:24:38
End time: 1:24:53
Total duration: 0:00:15
Page #: not in score
Measure #: 10
Scene: Reel 11 Part 3
Meter: 4/4
Marking: Poco Con Moto
Instrumentation: orchestra
Description: Staccato variant on the Menace theme; sneaky pizzicato strings represent the plotting between Amato and the detective, who is hiding his double-dealing with Amato by carefully closing the door to recieve his call
On-screen: Amato talks to detective
Music annotations: [m. 10] staccato; [m. 12] mf
Film annotations: [m. 10] Looks
Orchestration annotations: [m. 10] W. W. and strg pizz (cu and too) / pizz + one piano (let it ring); [m. 12] e h / hrns a 2

advance plot | detective | gangster | leading man | mysterious | plotting | police station | tense