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Flamingo Road (1949) [IN PROCESS - Information may be incomplete or contain inaccuracies]

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Theme name: Titus
Variant name: Ostinato
Start time: 1:17:09
End time: 1:18:10
Total duration: 0:01:01
Page #: 89
Measure #: 1
Scene: Reel 9 Part 1
Key: unstable
Meter: 4/4
Tempo (bpm): 54
Marking: Misterioso
Instrumentation: brass, strings, orchestra
Solo Instrument: piano

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Description: The music for this cue is the "come sopra" of a cue that was cut from earlier in the film, when Lane was fired as a waitress; the Titus motif is used as a dark, repeating ostinato as Dan sits and thinks in a dark room; the second part is more hopeful, replacing the low-register ostinato with an embellished version in the violins that rises in pitch; the low-register ostinato returns as Lane enters the dark room where Dan is sitting
On-screen: Dan looks at some papers
Music annotations: [m. 2] come sopra from R4 Pt2; [m. 5] poco rall; [m. 7] a tempo; [m. 9] accellerando; [m. 11] rall / strong; [m. 12] pp; [m. 13] pp / lunga
Film annotations: [m. 7] Lane; [m. 13] Sits
Analysis: The Titus motif is repeated, then extended with a three-note pickup gesture

brooding | conflict | dark | hopeful | husband | leading lady | leading man | ominous | politician | room | self-borrowing | wife