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Flamingo Road (1949)

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Theme name: Titus
Borrowed from: Crime School (1938)
Start time: 0:01:22
End time: 0:01:26
Total duration: 0:00:04
Page #: 6
Measure #: 32
Scene: Main title
Key: Ab
Meter: 2/2
Tempo (bpm): 92
Instrumentation: orchestra

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Description: A statement of the Titus motif in the lower instruments as we see the Sheriff sitting on the porch of the Palmer House; this motif is the first three notes of the Flamingo Road theme, but with the intervals altered such that it ends with a half step rather than a whole step; Titus represents the dark side of Flamingo Road, which explains the connection between these themes
On-screen: The Palmer House
Music annotations: [m. 32] sfz-p / molto ritard / sfz-p / ominous
Film annotations: [m. 32] Palmer house
Orchestration annotations: [m. 32] gong / strgs / W.W. / horns / piano solo / mf (trbs a3 (felts!))
Analysis: The Titus motif features a descending parallel fourth followed by a half step <-5, -1> whereas the Flamingo Road motif features a descending parallel fourth followed by a whole step <-5, -2>

altered dominant | dark | establish setting | ominous | politician | self-borrowing | sheriff | street | voice-over