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Flamingo Road (1949) [IN PROCESS - Information may be incomplete or contain inaccuracies]

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Theme name: Lane
Variant name: Not in Film 2
Start time: NIF
End time: NIF
Total duration: NIF
Page #: 124
Measure #: 37
Scene: Reel 10 Part 5
Key: C - eb
Meter: 4/4
Marking: Dolce

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Description: This cue was cut from the film (beginning around 1:32:27) as we see Lane in prison; the music is a sad variant on Lane's theme (marked Triste) with solo violin; the theme is interrupted before the final note where Steiner writes "she looks"
On-screen: Lane in prison
Music annotations: [m. 37] lento / p; [m. 39] triste / mf; [m. 42] cresc
Film annotations: [m. 37] Lane; [m. 42] She looks
Orchestration annotations: [m. 37] mostly strings / harp; [m. 39] solo violin / 3 clts + celeste / p solo cello delicato + harp; [m. 41] alto flt / basses
Analysis: The cue begins in C major, but shifts unexpectedly to C minor and then moves towards eb minor

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