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The FBI Story (1959) [IN PROCESS - Information may be incomplete or contain inaccuracies]

Home > Film: The FBI Story > Theme: The Marines' Hymn > Variant: Religioso > Instance: 2:06:21

Theme name: The Marines' Hymn
Variant name: Religioso
Start time: 2:06:21
End time: 2:07:16
Total duration: 0:00:55
Page #: 237
Measure #: 34
Scene: Reel 15 Part 1
Meter: 2/4
Description: Angelic strings play music from the Marine's hymn in an upper register as they look at Michael's picture (he is in uniform); ends in a very high register, finalized by ascending harp arpeggiations, all of which suggest that he has ascended to heaven (apotheosis)
On-screen: Chip and Lucy look at Michael's military picture
Music annotations: [m. 34] Ethereal/ slowly; [m. 55] Different rythm; [m. 60] Morendo; [m. 64] Delicato;
Film annotations: [m. 34] Looks;

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