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The FBI Story (1959) [IN PROCESS - Information may be incomplete or contain inaccuracies]

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Theme name: Conveyor Belt
Start time: 0:01:08
End time: 0:01:57
Total duration: 0:00:49
Page #: 11
Measure #: 1
Scene: Reel 1 Part B
Meter: 4/4
Description: Low drone followed by whirling strings playing an up-and-down oscillating pattern; could represent the sound / motion of the suitcases on the conveyer belt - motoric and repetitive; pattern is fragmented and speeds up, creating escalating tension; ends with a mysterious gesture for winds, strings, and harp
On-screen: Man asks his mother to buy insurance for her flight
Music annotations: [m. 1] Misterioso; [m. 11] Sentimentale (Rubato); [m. 14] ????;
Film annotations: [m. 2] Belt; [m. 7] Stops; [m. 11] I hope not;

airport | conveyer belt | insurance | machine | tense