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Dust Be My Destiny (1939)

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Theme name: Dust Be My Destiny
Variant name: Regret
Start time: 0:39:53
End time: 0:40:03
Total duration: 0:00:10
Page #: 88
Measure #: 78
Scene: Reel 5 Part 2
Key: g
Meter: 4/4
Tempo (bpm): 66
Marking: Very slow
Instrumentation: brass

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Description: Very dark variant on the main theme with heavy low brass, since Joe thinks Mabel has left him
On-screen: Joe walks away sadly
Music annotations: [m. 78] very slow / f; [m. 79] sffz
Film annotations: [m. 78] He turns and walks
Orchestration annotations: [m. 78] brass horns (heavy) / 2 harps added
Analysis: Parallel triads over a dissonant dominant pedal on D, with a prominent clash between D and an Eb triad; this is perhaps the most dissonant statement of motive X, coinciding with Joe thinking he has lost his love

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