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Dust Be My Destiny (1939)

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Theme name: Dust Be My Destiny
Variant name: Opening B2
Start time: 0:01:18
End time: 0:01:35
Total duration: 0:00:17
Page #: 4
Measure #: 24
Scene: Main Title
Key: F
Meter: 4/4
Tempo (bpm): 63
Instrumentation: orchestra

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Description: Return of main theme (part B), but varied in the second half to bring in the motto "Dust Be My Destiny"
On-screen: Cast list
Music annotations: [m. 24] fff; [m. 25] Dust effect; [m. 26] molto rit / arpeggio / long arpeggio; [m. 27] mf / dim
Film annotations: [m. 25] [cut off] Dust
Orchestration annotations: [m. 24] T.C.; [m. 25] 1/2 viol W.W. / horn etc / 1 trpt; [m. 27] add vibraphone (roll it) (screwy effect) / pronounced horns??
Analysis: Motives X and Y are combined in the final "motto," beginning with the descending x motive from A (DO-TI-LA) with the more hopeful y motive from A (RE-MI-[DO]); uses a borrowed ii/o65 for the echo as well as two chromatic chords (Vb9/ii and cto7)

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