Another Face (1935) [IN PROCESS - Information may be incomplete or contain inaccuracies]

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Theme name: Transient Love
Composer: Roy Webb
Start time: 1:08:26
End time: 1:08:37
Total duration: 0:00:11
Page #:
Measure #:
Scene: no score available
Key: D
Tempo (bpm): 96
Instrumentation: orchestra
Description: Although the cue sheet states that this is Bernard Kaun's end title music from Success at any Price , the music was actually written by Roy Webb for the main title of This Man is Mine in 1934; Steiner re-used this music for the main title of Hat, Coat, and Glove in 1934
On-screen: Joe hugs Sheila

actress | embracing | end title sequence | fiancée | Film Title | manager | room | sentimental

(source melody may differ slightly from film)