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Another Face (1935)

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Theme name: Success at any Price Transition
Composer: Bernhard Kaun
Borrowed from: Success at Any Price (1934)
Start time: 0:00:58
End time: 0:01:38
Total duration: 0:00:40
Page #: NIS
Measure #: NIS
Scene: no score available
Key: e - f
Meter: 4/4
Tempo (bpm): 88
Instrumentation: orchestra

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Description: As the film begins, we hear darker transitional music (still from Success at Any Price) as we see a night scene set in New York City and two gangsters in a car
On-screen: Times Square in New York City
Analysis: This cue begins with a deceptive resolution to E minor (when C major was expected)

car | conversing | deceptive resolution | driving | establish setting | foreign key modulation | gangster | laughing | mysterious | street | sultry