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The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse (1938)

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Theme names: The Printing Press + Cauldron 1 + The Amazing Doctor
Variant names: The Printing Press + Cauldron 1 (Not in Film) + The Amazing Doctor (Not in Film)
Start time: NIF
End time: NIF
Total duration: NIF
Page #: 65
Measure #: 5
Scene: Reel 9 Part 1
Key: b - c - b - bb
Meter: 4/4
Tempo (bpm): 100
Marking: Allegro Modto
Instrumentation: orchestra

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Description: The printing press music continues, along with a statement of the doctor's theme in the high register and another statement of Cauldron 1; this portion of the printing press music was cut from the film
Music annotations: [m. 5] sf / sff / gliss / (simile) / tr; [m. 6] 8va / tr; [m. 7] 8va / sff / tr; [m. 9] loco / sffz; [m. 10] out / rit / pp / clarinet last bar
Film annotations: [m. 5] Sanity big issue!; [m. 7] Defense testifies; [m. 10] Dr. on stand
Orchestration annotations: [m. 5] div str, W.W., piccolo / (organ) no lower register, 1 piano attack / also xylophone / keep clar going / gong; [m. 6] clar continue; [m. 7] clarinets continue; [m. 9] clarin continue; [m. 10] gong
Analysis: The tonal relationship between the layers is complex, with the B minor of the machine clashing with the A minor triad of the Cauldron theme and the Bb major triad of the Doctor's theme; this is a variant of "Form C" of the Doctor's theme, leaping down farther than usual at the end; the machine shifts up a gear from B minor to C minor, then, as it begins to wind down, modulates back down to B minor and then to Bb minor

combination of themes | common-tone diminished 7th | cut from film | layering | ostinato | step modulation