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Crime School (1938)

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Theme name: The Courthouse
Start time: NIF
End time: NIF
Total duration: NIF
Page #: 17
Measure #: 42
Scene: Reel 2 (Part I)
Key: Eb
Meter: 4/4
Tempo (bpm): 120
Marking: Maestoso
Instrumentation: orchestra
Description: The cue sheet calls this theme "Hall of Justice"; it is noble, diatonic music; it was cut from the film
Music annotations: [m. 42] tutti / a tempo; [m. 45] p
Film annotations: [m. 42] The Courthouse!; [m. 45] Dialogue
Analysis: Features sturdy diatonic parallel triads; ends deceptively with a b9 on the tonic

cut from film | deceptive resolution | noble | parallelism