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Crime School (1938)

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Gesture name: Peeking
Start time: 1:12:11
Page #: 91
Measure #: 11
Scene: Reel 8 (Part 3)
Key: WT
Meter: 2/4
Tempo (bpm): 138
Instrumentation: woodwinds

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Description: A new up-and-down gesture is introduced, associated with Cooper the guard as we see a close-up on his face through the window, peeking out at the boys; it seems to match the back and forth motion of his head as he watches; this comes back after two cues as the boys sneak down the street
On-screen: Cooper peeks out from the window
Film annotations: [m. 11] Cooper looks
Orchestration annotations: [m. 11] fl + oboe?
Analysis: Harmonized with whole-tone chords

antagonist | authority | escape | mickey-mousing | mysterious | peeking | police | reformatory | whole-tone chord