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Star of Midnight (1935)

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Theme name: What a Night
Composer: Cliff Friend; Carmen Lombardo
Start time: 0:37:08
End time: 0:40:30
Total duration: 0:03:22
Page #: no score available
Measure #: no score available
Scene: no score available
Key: F
Meter: 3/4
Tempo (bpm): 112
Instrumentation: dance band

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Description: A slow waltz plays on the radio at the restaurant where Clay interrogates Abe, the producer of the musical that the missing girl was in
On-screen: Clay in a restaurant
Analysis: This tune has an ABAC structure

ABAC structure | advance plot | conversing | detective | leading lady | leading man | producer | restaurant | sentimental | source music

(source melody may differ slightly from film)