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City for Conquest (1940)

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Theme name: Tone Poem Alternate Ending 2
Start time: NIF
End time: NIF
Total duration: NIF
Page #: 133
Measure #: A
Scene: Tone Poem
Key: F
Meter: 2/2
Marking: Allegro
Instrumentation: orchestra
Description: This ending was not used in the film
Music annotations: [m. A] allegro / ff / a tempo; [m. B] ten / riten; [m. C] maestoso / flutter / p / sffz; [m. E] fff / sfffz; [m. F] 1st ending A. D. E. F. / 2nd ending A. B. C. E. F / possible 3rd ending suggested A. B. E. F.
Orchestration annotations: [m. A] trpts / hns vla etc; [m. C] cued 4 trumpets / hns / trbs + str / timp; [m. E] piccolo shake etc / T.C. / hp
Analysis: This is an extended version that prolongs the final Iadd6

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